Badam Kheer – Liquid Velvet

Badam Kheer – Liquid Velvet | Sweet Karam Coffee

Imagine you are a royal seated on a golden throne. You are fanned by maidens and guarded by elephants. You are served a royal feast which is followed by a bowl of luscious Badam Kheer served on a silver platter. With ingredients like full cream milk, badam(almonds), saffron and ghee it is no wonder that the Badam Kheer is fit for royalty. Thank heavens we don’t need to be royals anymore to enjoy this delicacy.

Kheer is the quintessential Indian dessert. With variations throughout the subcontinent like our very own payasam, payesh, phirni and khiri. It has been a part of our culture since millenniums. All the variations have one thing in common- the smooth and luxurious mouthfeel. The kheer is satiny smooth and there are pops of texture from ingredients like nuts, sago, rice etc. In this case the almonds or badam takes the smooth texture to a whole new level.

Almonds, saffron and dairy have been a part of the royal Mughal cuisine since long. The combination has been a part of many sweet and savory dishes and the end result has always been rich and luxurious. The fats and proteins from dairy and nuts are responsible for this. Safranal, a volatile oil, gives saffron much of its distinctive aroma.

Over a meticulous process of cooking down full cream milk, pureed blanched almonds, sugar and saffron the kheer gains a slight yellow tinge and a pleasant aroma. Additional nuts and spices like pistachios and cardamom add the much-required change in texture and flavour. The smooth texture of the kheer comes from the thoroughly pureed almonds and full cream milk

When you take in the first spoonful of Badam Kheer, it feels as if the gateways to heaven have been opened. The velvety texture of the kheer combined with the fragrance of saffron and cardamom and the sweetness from the sugar takes one to a whole other world of opulence. When we bite into the kheer the nuts give us a break and bring us back to earth.

Badam Kheer belongs to the category of ‘Madras Delights’ a selection of desserts that are delivered exclusively in Chennai due to the need for immediate consumption. Live like a royal by indulging in our Badam Kheer and other delights from SweetKaramCoffee. 


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