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Who doesn't love a good biscuit? Ever since we were little we have been devouring these baked beauties by the dozen. These cereal based dishes have been a part of mankind as early as the seventh century. An early form of biscuits known as hardtacks was taken aboard ships for sustenance. Almost all ancient civilizations like Egyptian and Roman had some form of biscuit

In their cuisine. The modern confectionery biscuit was developed in Europe and from there was passed on to the rest of the globe. There is no difference in composition between biscuits and cookies. What is known as a biscuit in Britain and Ireland is called as a cookie in the United States.

Biscuits and cookies though not a traditional Indian dish has been graciously welcomed by our population as one of our own. We have also made sure to put in our own spin on it by introducing Indian flavors and mix-ins. Whenever we think of biscuits our mind goes to the tea kadais with front-of-the-house glass jars filled to the brim with goodies of all kind. Jam filled, coconut-stuffed, butter-basted treats would always accompany a piping hot glass of tea or coffee. Whenever we would travel with our parents we would be treated to a biscuit at every tea break.

Biscuits have always been ruling our school snack boxes for ages. Our snack dabbas would always have some cookie or the other. Even now school children are the primary consumer base for many proprietary food companies. But the hard-hitting truth is when we opt for these commercial products we never know what goes into making them. Additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings and much more unwanted chemicals go into these goods and in the end into our stomachs. For more healthier options it is better to opt for baked goods straight from bakers. We definitely will have a good idea of what goes into making these products and that way make more responsible options for children.

At Sweet Karam Coffee we put in a lot of effort into ensuring our products are made with the highest quality and natural ingredients. We believe that nature can give us the best preservation and flavoring for our products and we steer away from artificial chemicals at all costs. We are introducing ‘Old Madras Biscuits’ a category which includes iconic biscuits like Butter biscuits and Shrewsbury Biscuits that are found in tea kadais all over. Grab a bag of these and fill up your snack box or make tea time a little more fun.

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