Happiness is eating kulfi at night!

Happiness is eating kulfi at night!
Remember those days when on a hot summer night, you hear the bells ringing on an empty road from a faraway land, and you peep through the window to see if it is what you are thinking it is, you see a small “thalluvandi” with a big drum placed on it covered with a bright red cloth.

You grab the 10 rupees from your pocket you had kept safe and secure for this sole purpose and run down to the street towards the “thalluvandi” as if it was your life’s goal. And then you finally utter the three magical words, “Anna, one kulfi”, the vendor takes the conical-shaped glass, cuts through the round shape of the kulfi with the small knife, pulls out the kulfi, attaches a stick into it and adds your preferred toppings, and hands over to you and after the first bite you feel that your LIFE IS COMPLETE.

#Happiness is Summer because now #Happiness is homemade with our new DIY kulfi kit.


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