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Organic Fruits - Naturally nurtured candies

Why Organic Fruits?

The main reason to consume fruits is for the nutrition that gives to the body. However, the fruits that are vastly available in the markets are grown in an inorganic way by using pesticides and chemicals to expedite its growth and to ripen the fruits early. 

Consumption of these fruits will not only reduce the nutrients which they are supposed to give but also gives leaves chemical residues which are harmful to human body cells. Live Healthy, Eat Healthy by consuming fruits that are grown organically in natural conditions. They are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, potassium, fiber, antioxidants which keep your body and mind well and good.

Health benefits of organic fruits

  • Chemical-free - Organically grown fruits are free from chemicals and pesticides. Hence there will not be any residue in the fruits

  • Complete nutrition - Since these fruits are grown naturally without using any chemicals, it gives complete nutrition to the body which improves the overall health of the body

  • High antioxidants - These fruits are rich in antioxidants which prevent or slow down the cell damage in the body and strengthens the immune system

  • Tastes good - Since no chemicals are used, these fruits are good in taste than the fruits grown in conventional farming

  • Fresh from Farm - Since there are no preservatives added, the shelf lives of these fruits are less. So, you get it fresh.

  • Healthy blood pressure - Potassium-rich fruits help in maintaining healthy blood pressure

Direct from farm to table: Order organic fruits online in Chennai from your nearby local farmers directly and get it door delivered to your home. Sweet Karam Coffee delivers farm fresh organic pomegranate, organic guava, organic banana, pineapple and various other organic fruits in Chennai. They are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, potassium, fiber, antioxidants which keep your body and mind well and good. Our orchards are in the villages around Chennai which makes us quickly deliver the fruits fresh once it is harvested. Tapovana organic farms select small farmers who faced challenges in in-organic farming and support them to cultivate organically and help them in selling their products for a living. While purchasing the organic fruits, you are not only doing good to your body but to the farmers to encourage them to grow more crops organically. Sweet Karam Coffee is bringing you the combo packages of these fruits. To place the orders for the organic fruits, click here.

“Each penny you spend to buy a product gives light and prosperity to a small organic farmer’s family”. Let us switch to an organic lifestyle, the natural and healthy way.


  -- Article by Maharajan


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