Rava Kesari - Soft mounds of Heaven

Rava Kesari - Soft mounds of Heaven | Sweet Karam Coffee

You are seated for breakfast to be served. A crisp green banana leaf is placed before you after which water gets sprinkled on top. The first thing that is served is a mound of piping hot, orange Rava Kesari. This would be the sight at any wedding breakfast in Chennai. It is said that this practice encourages a sweet beginning in the lives of the newlywed. In fact, Rava Kesari is extremely popular in Chennai and is loved by people of all communities.

So, what is it that draws everyone to this fuss-free dessert? Is it its bright orange or kesari colour after which the dish is named? Is it its sweet taste with whiffs of cardamom? Or is it the fact that dietary restrictions cannot hinder anyone of any age from enjoying this dish?

Made with simple ingredients like rava (semolina) which is composed of husked wheat, milk, sugar and ghee, the Rava Kesari can be enjoyed even by babies. Milk and sugar are boiled together and roasted rava is stirred into it. Ghee is added to the mixture as it cooks. The dish is obviously finished with a tempering of roasted cashews and raisins.

Proportion and ratio are everything when making Rava Kesari. It requires experience to perfect the taste and texture. The perfect Rava Kesari is soft and fluffy. It is never greasy, sticky or lumpy. Its texture is such that there is no need to chew but simply to savour and swallow.  

Rava Kesari is often offered as neivedhiyam to deities during auspicious festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri. The North Indian counterpart of this dessert, the suji halwa is quite similar but is drier and is generally colour-free. For Chennaites, Rava Kesari is always the most treasured delight, its colour reminiscent of the joyous, colourful lives lead by its residents.

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