Seedai - No one can eat just one!

Seedai - No one can eat just one! | Sweet Karam Coffee

From the school boy who keeps a handful in a trouser pocket, till the old grandpa who munches a few while reading newspaper Uppu seedai has enticed its fans across generations. It’s crispy, crunchy feel is no match to modern-day snacks.

Crispy balls? Not only that !

Crunchy pebbles? No something more !

Salty savory bite-size? Nope!

It’s tough to describe the taste of Seedai!!

Most of our traditional snacks are based on ingredients available in that particular land and this rice based snack is no exception. This bite sized ball is full of healthy ingredients and a mild pinch of asafoetida, scrambles of coconut hear, and there heightens the taste of this snack. 

When grandmothers used to prepare the seedai dough and everyone from the house will be literally lending their hands in preparation. With laughter, giggles, and jokes it will be a great family occasion one would be competing with others on who has rolled the highest number of balls. The smell..the pleasant smell which engulfs the house when Seedai as being fried will hit the right buttons of the stomach.  Making food where everyone is involved and all the senses are being fed is the highlight of every celebration. Such happiness can be felt in homemade snacks. 

Seedai is one of the snacks which truly follow the concept of ‘No one can eat just one.’ When Lord Krishna itself is a fan of this dish how can human beings resist this traditional dish? Truly, the snack on the go

Be it a long drive or late evening coffee chat, Seedai is for all occasions. The taste, smell, and feel of it are sure to linger on your mouth. Order your homemade Uppu Seedai at SweetKaram Coffee now.

-Written by

Bhooma Sampath.


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