Semiya Payasam - The Irreplaceable Delight

Semiya Payasam - The Irreplaceable Delight | Sweet Karam Coffee

sIt undoubtedly would have been the best part of a satisfying meal. Semiya payasam would always mean it was a special day, be it a wedding, birthday or even a victorious job interview. And it was never prepared in meager amounts, our mothers and grandmothers made sure to make enough to feed the whole street. And of-course no one complained!

Semiya payasam is the best exemplar for the saying “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. It looks quite humble- A white milk base with slightly roasted semiya strands and dots of ghee throughout but leaves an everlasting feeling of comfort and luxury like no other dessert.

 Semiya or vermicelli strands are boiled in creamy milk, sugar and crushed cardamom pods are then added to the mixture. The dish is finally finished with a flourish of ghee roasted cashews and raisins.

Though simple the taste isn’t easy to nail. Only true masters in the kitchen can bring that divine experience to the palate. Another important factor is the quality of the ingredients. The smaller number of ingredients means the quality of each ingredient can be felt at each sip. Frugality will get one nowhere near that comforting mouthfeel.

The rich cardamom and ghee infused milk is a treat to the taste buds, the smooth semiya strands literally slip down the throat. The pop of roasted cashews and puffed up raisins give the much-required change in texture here and there. For the best experience, ditch the spoon. It is only there as an obstacle between the palate and the gateway to payasam heaven.

Semiya payasam is a part of’s collection of ‘Madras Delights’- a treasure trove of decadent desserts that are exclusively delivered throughout the city. We welcome you to savour our passion for quality in every sip of our Semiya Payasam


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