Sukku Coffee (Dry Ginger Coffee) & it's Health Benefits

Sukku Coffee (Dry Ginger Coffee) & it's Health Benefits | Sweet Karam Coffee

Sukku Coffee

In Tamil, dry ginger is known as “Sukku”, while in Hindi, it is referred to as “Sonth”. For years, dry ginger has been used for various home cure methods. 

Sukku Coffee mix dry ginger powder, black pepper powder, coffee powder, tulsi, cumin (jeera) seeds, and cardamom (Elaichi) pods/seeds.

Sukku Coffee (Dry Ginger Coffee)

Health Benefits:

1. Get Rid of Headaches

Headaches can be healed by mixing sukku mooligai podi or powder into a paste and applying it to the forehead. Muscle pains, such as fibromyalgia symptoms, headaches, and vomiting, are relieved by drinking dried sukku powder tea.

2. Obesity Control

To reduce obesity, mix 50 gm of sukku powder and amla powder and consume one teaspoon of this powder combination in water each morning and evening.

  1. Get Relief from Throat Infection 

When you have a throat illness or soreness, make a paste out of the dried sukku powder and apply it to the affected area.

  1. Get Rid of Constipation and Diarrhea 

 Indigestion and diarrhoea are relieved with the consumption of coffee or dried sukku powder with milk, sugar, or jaggery.

  1. Get Relieved from Stomach Pain 

It can also be used to treat stomach pain and fever. To treat stomach disorders, sukku powder is combined with two measures of lemon juice and edible salt. Sukku powder is mixed with sugar and consumed to relieve mild and severe stomach aches.

  1. Get Rid of a Cold and a Cough

This also works as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. To cure a cold and cough, mix a pinch of dried sukku powder with ghee and jaggery and eat it in the evening and night.

  1. Get Rid of Arthritis

To treat rheumatoid arthritis and joint swelling, boil 10 grammes of sukku powder with 5 millilitres of castor oil and take it at night for 48 days.

  1. Get Rid of Toothaches and Bad Breath

When garlic juice and dried sukku powder are combined with water, a mouth rinse is created. It decreases mouth odour and can also be used to treat toothaches by placing a piece of dried sukku mooligai podi or powder in the mouth.

  1. Curing Asthma 

Tulsi leaves are boiled with dried sukku powder, honey, and drunken to treat asthma. To treat asthma, dried sukku powder is cooked with garlic and inhaled as a vapour. To cure a dry cough, cold with cough, dried sukku mooligai podi or powder is mixed with tulsi juice and betel leaf juice and eaten one spoon at a time. Mint juice, salt, and dried sukku powder are mixed and taken in to alleviate the woofing cough.

  1. Cleanse the Liver 

Fresh lemon juice is used to cleanse the liver that has been afflicted by hepatitis. 

  1. Cleanse the Blood 

To remove the toxin and purify the blood, dried sukku powder is blended with honey or put into tea and consumed.

  1. Defend against Stoke

The risk of all types of stroke is reduced if dry sukku powder tea is consumed every day before going to bed.

  1. Get Rid of Acidity

A mixture of dried sukku powder tea and baking soda is mixed and consumed to treat acidity. Colic discomfort, bone pain, chest irritation, indigestion, stomach diseases, ear ache, headache, and running nose are also treated.

  1. Boost Your Immunity 

To strengthen the body, consume one pinch of dried sukku powder every day and honey and lemon juice. The sukku, consumed alone or in combination with honey, enhances body heat and immunity.

  1. To Cure Fever 

Mix a pinch of dried sukku powder with a piece of jaggery and consume it with honey. It cools the body and lowers the temperature by boosting sweating and thus curing fever.

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It is advised not to take this more than twice or thrice a day, as Dry Ginger can cause throat irritation (or) a burning sensation.



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