Vella Seedai- Traditional Energy Balls

Vella Seedai- Traditional Energy Balls | Sweet Karam Coffee

Loaded with the goodness of  Jaggery and coconut with a dash of cardamom and sesame, Vella Seedai is the traditional energy balls.

Energy balls may be the buzz word for today, but the elder generation has always found delightful ways to infuse much-needed energy in kids. Sweety, mildly salty, crunchy, flavorful- whoa they give taste riot in the mouth.

The combination of jaggery and coconut makes it a hit among kids. Some households have the practice of making Vella Seedai in a stick shape for teething babies or kids with milk teeth. It is a delight to watch kids drooling over this sweet dish. As Lord Krishna is worshipped as a baby during Janmashtami this dish is of more prominence during the celebrations.

Despite the popularity, Vella Seedai is a dish which behaves only at times. A slight change in preparation it becomes chewy. Another change’s raw inside. Many refrain from making the Vella Seedai due to its trickiness. But Vella Seedai makes any ordinary day plus celebrations special.

We at SweetKaramcoffee have perfected the recipe for Vella Seedai. So why depend on trial and error?  Enjoy and experience the traditional energy balls. Give your kids a bite of goodness today. Order Vella Seedai for Janmashtami here.

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Bhooma Sampath


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