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Chana Papad 250g  - Free Shipping Across India

Chana Papad 250g

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  • Best North Indian Papads: Savor the exquisite flavour!

  • Papads are a very versatile and healthy dish, widespread across almost all states of India. Papads can be used as a side dish. They can be used to make delicious chaat recipes and as an appetising exclusive snack. Since papads are made from lentils like chickpea, urad dal, moong dal and spices, they are nutritious and delicious.

    This thin, crispy, and wafer-like Indian flat bread consists of a variety of oils, cereal flour and other healthy ingredients, which makes it a great gluten-free snack that can add a crunchy texture to your meal. If you are looking for the best North Indian papad online, you have come to the right place.

    North Indian Papads at Sweet Karam Coffee

    If you have been craving the authentic taste of a North Indian spicy papad, then we have got you covered. Our garlic chilli papad will tingle your taste buds and take you down the memory lane as you reminisce about the taste of this savoury snack that you enjoyed so much in childhood. You can enjoy this while sitting with your family and friends and roasting the papad over an open fire or deep frying it as you like. Our green gram papad, moong papad and chana papad are amongst our other edible delights. In addition to that, we also have an amazing range of Khakhra, which is a popular papad-like snack, including pudina khakhra, jeera khakhra and other delectable varieties.

    Why choose sweet Karam Coffee

    Sweet Karam Coffee homemade food store is committed to giving a traditional and healthy twist to our snacking and eating habits by providing natural and preservative-free food, snacks and beverages. Stemming from the idea of replicating the golden taste of our favourite childhood dishes, Sweet Karam coffee proses itself on having an impressive range of food items like homemade masalas and instant & ready mixes to enable you to prepare your favourite meal yourself. Our homemade pickles, papads & vadams taste heavenly, and you won’t be able to have enough of them! We also have healthy filter coffee powder & tea, and other beverages & health mixes so that you can quench your thirst in a tasty and nutritious way.


    How many types of papads are there?

    There are wide varieties of papads in India because it is a much-loved Indian snack. You can choose from chilli papad, jeera papad, chana papad, green gram papad, and many other options.

    How are raw papads made?

    To make raw papad, urad dal or any other lentil of your choice is ground to a flour-like consistency. After that, salt and spices are added, and the dough is kneaded by adding water to the batter. The dough is cut into round shapes and sun-dried.

    What are the best north Indian papads available?

    Sweet Karam Coffee has the best selection of North Indian papad, including horse gram papad, moong papad, chana papad etc.