Eeya Chombu (Zishta)

Eeya Chombu (Zishta)

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Eeya chombu by Zishta is made of pure Tin. Tin is a metal by itself. Eeya chombu or Tin vessel is traditionally used for making rasam, storing cooked food and setting curd. Zishta eeya chombu are handmade by artisans in rural Tamil Nadu. With only 2 artisans remaining who beat pure tin by hand for 8 hours to make one vessel, this may soon become just a collector’s item. As per Ayurveda, Vanga Bhasma (prepared using tin and herbs) is beneficial for disorders of the Genito Urinary Tract, improves taste and skin complexion. As per modern science, Tin is used to prevent or cure bad breath, dental cavities, sensitive teeth, gingivitis, plaque, and hair loss. It is used in preventing diabetes. Zishta eeya chombu has been tested for quality as per NABL standards and is RoHS compliant (Restriction of hazardous substances).

Usage Instructions: 

    1. Always heat the vessel with liquid filled up to at least 1/3rd the height of the vessel.
    2. Always keep the burner on Simmer or medium flame mode – never use high flame.
    3. Never use holders to lift the vessel when still hot – metal tends to deform when still hot
    4. Tin as a metal has low melting point of 232* C. Never leave the vessel un-attended in the gas burner.
    5. If it will not be used for more than a week, then apply a slight coating of oil and leave it.

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