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Organic grocers - The healthy alternatives

A healthy outside starts from inside. What we eat reflects in our appearance. Healthy organic grocers help us to intake good nutritional dishes. With lifestyles changing, people do not give importance to the quality of groceries being purchased. Most of the products on the store shelf contain preservatives to make it last longer which are also cultivated inorganically.

Organic grocers

Organic grocers are the groceries that are produced in organic farming without the use of chemicals, pesticides, and additives. Rice is a staple food for the people in South India. However, the majority of the rice varieties available in the stores are cultivated through in-organic farming which means there are a lot of chemicals used while growing these crops. After the harvest, some crops also go for processing to get a shiny appearance. This results in the depletion or reduction of the nutrients which are present in the crop. The best way to stay healthy is to intake the organically grown crops. Sweet Karam Coffee partnered with Namma Nellu to deliver you the organic groceries across India at your doorstep. More than 15 varieties of organic rice are available in our store here.

Healthy alternatives

Millets are small grains that are rich in fiber, high-protein, and gluten-free. Millets which are also rich in antioxidants safeguard your body from cell damages. These crops help control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels. Many people have shown interest in millets and there are many restaurants opened which serve only organic food specialized in millets. Millet is a whole grain packed with the necessary nutrients for the body. Organic millets can be purchased here at Sweet Karam Coffee. Around 10 varieties of organic millet rava can be purchased here.

Millets are the indigenous crops of India where it was widely used by farmers and the royal kingdoms before rice overtook it. However, millets are better than the rice crop as millets have better nutritional value. People are rediscovering the millet based snacks and it has given a comeback in the supermarkets in recent days which show the importance of the crop and its value.

Apart from the above, Sweet Karam Coffee provides organic dals, grains, pulses, flours, palm sugar, spices, etc. Though now a lot of healthy drinks are advertised, the traditional health mix (kanji maavu) is still known as the best source for complete nutrition to the children. The organic health mix powders can be found in the Sweet Karam Coffee's Organic health mix section. Opt-out of the unhealthy instant mix and opt-in for a healthy organic ready mix for your fast paced lifestyle.

All our products are carefully produced by small farmers in the villages around Chennai. We do not polish any crops to make it shine. Just fresh from the fields to your table with hygienic packing. Every time you buy an organic product, you are encouraging an organic farmer to produce more organic products and doing your bit to keep the earth chemical-free. Be organic, be healthy, be yourself.


About our Organic Groceries...

Organic food products are ones which are produced without synthetic chemicals like pesticides and fertilisers generated by humans and are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organically cultivated crops employ natural fertilisers like manure that aid in improving plant growth.

Why Opt for Organic?

Health barely ranks high on the list of concerns in today's hectic world that every person lives in. We frequently overlook the reality that, just like a car needs fuel to run, your body also needs healthy food to function.

We all have a craving for foods that are unhealthy or less healthy for our bodies and way of life. All we need is a little self-control and understanding of what is healthy and unhealthy for us. Numerous unhealthy recipes can be transformed into healthy ones by making a change. What would happen if organic materials were used in place of the inorganic ones?

The use of organic farming techniques in producing organic crops has several long-term advantages, including improved soil quality, decreased energy consumption, increased crop biodiversity, decreased water pollution, decreased environmental pesticide exposure, and decreased antibiotic resistance.

Although taste is personal, organic foods online tend to have a fresher flavour. Because they don't include artificial preservatives, organic groceries and foods spend less time on the shelf, giving customers a fresher, better-tasting product. Since organic foods don't have artificial chemical flavours, their authentic flavour comes through.

With Sweet Karam Coffee, place your health on top of your priority and buy the best  daily essentials online. We deliver organic groceries online on a pan-India level via a hassle-free process. From homemade masalas to Organic Atta, flours and sooji we are your one-stop organic food store. Let’s explore more about us!

Sweet Karam Coffee- A one-stop shop for all your Grocery Needs

Think of Organic, Think of Sweet Karam Coffee!

A healthy diet must include nutritious food and wholesome meals, and making informed grocery decisions will help you keep a check on your fitness plan more closely.

Drinking something healthy and tempting like squashes and sharbat beforehand can help you make healthier meal selections when you're out for supermarket shopping. You won't be tempted to choose unhealthy foods as a result. A nutritious lunch must include whole grains, skimmed milk, nuts, fruits, and veggies.

Many nutritious foods and recipes also taste good. Healthy eating does not need one to be picky about what they consume. Making intelligent ingredient selections and eating in moderation are the keys to a healthy diet. The first step to healthy eating and living is doing healthy food shopping.

At Sweet Karam Coffee, we bring the best of groceries to stock your kitchens, such as Organic Rice and Millets, Organic Dals and Grains, organic Aval (Poha), Pure oil, ghee and butter.

Not only do the afternoon meals and dinners need to be healthy, but a healthy start to a morning with our special filter coffee powder and tea served along with Muesli and Pancake mixes are sure to lift your day. Do not forget to add them to your cart while buying organic foods online at our store.

Also, we do make your evening and in between the breaks munching nutritious with our instant and ready mixes, south Indian papads and vadams, beverages and health mixes.

With so much in our store, treat your body with the best of daily groceries online in just a simple click.

Why is Sweet Karam Coffee a Special Place?

Sweet Karam Coffee, which counts over 80,000 loyal consumers, believes happiness is homemade. Old family recipes are passed down to new generations through our 90+ handmade products. Because of the loyal love of our customers and the experienced team of home cooks, each of our products has a traditional flavour that is reminiscent of your grandmother's cooking.

With our organic grocery online, you can also browse our healthy desserts, meals, bakery goods, pickles, butter, health mix, quick ready mix, and other variations of vadams appalam. We also offer you a wide selection of hand-selected, organic, naturally ripened mango online.

You may prioritise healthy eating with our delectable DIY Kulfi Combos, homemade pickles, organic spices, maavadus, nutritious chocolate, cookies, and other snack options.

We also provide a large selection of sweets and snacks online made with the purest salt, sugar and jaggery that guarantee purity using organic butter, ghee, and oil. So, instead of letting your stomach grumble from hunger with anything that is unhealthy, reward it with the best organic grocery online from Sweet Karam Coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is meant by organic food?

Organic Food is that, that is produced organically, is free of genetically engineered organisms and synthetic chemicals produced by humans, such as pesticides and fertilisers (GMOs). Crops grown organically often use natural fertilisers like manure to promote plant growth.

Why is organic food considered healthier?

People with sensitivities to foods, chemicals, or preservatives may discover that their symptoms reduce or disappear when they eat only organic foods since organic foods frequently offer more beneficial components, such antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown equivalents. Produce grown organically uses less pesticides.

How can we find if the food is organic or not?

Pay attention to the Price Look Up (PLU) sticker on loose fruits and vegetables. The code, which starts with 9, will have five digits if the produce is organic. The equivalents in non-organic form will have four digits. (For instance, the price of bananas cultivated organically will be 94011, as opposed to 4011 for bananas grown using chemicals and pesticides.)

What kind of products can we find while buying groceries online?

You can buy all kinds of daily grocery needs for your home from an organic grocery store. Like, salt, sugar, pickles, atta, rice, grains, pulses, papad, beverages etc. Sweet Karam Coffee offers you the best online grocery shopping experience.

What is the grocery shopping and delivery fee?

While buying from Sweet Karam Coffee - India's Home Food store for each order, an estimated delivery time is shown. Although every attempt is taken to deliver the goods on time, unforeseen circumstances such as courier delays, holiday seasons, and product availability cannot be avoided. To prevent any unwarranted delays, these variables are continuously tracked. Orders totalling at least Rs. 499 receive free shipping. For orders of Rs 498 or less, a flat fee of Rs. 49 will be applied.


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