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Organic grocers - The healthy alternatives

A healthy outside starts from inside. What we eat reflects in our appearance. Healthy organic grocers help us to intake good nutritional dishes. With lifestyles changing, people do not give importance to the quality of groceries being purchased. Most of the products on the store shelf contain preservatives to make it last longer which are also cultivated inorganically.

Organic grocers

Organic grocers are the groceries that are produced in organic farming without the use of chemicals, pesticides, and additives. Rice is a staple food for the people in South India. However, the majority of the rice varieties available in the stores are cultivated through in-organic farming which means there are a lot of chemicals used while growing these crops. After the harvest, some crops also go for processing to get a shiny appearance. This results in the depletion or reduction of the nutrients which are present in the crop. The best way to stay healthy is to intake the organically grown crops. Sweet Karam Coffee partnered with Namma Nellu to deliver you the organic groceries across India at your doorstep. More than 15 varieties of organic rice are available in our store here.

Healthy alternatives

Millets are small grains that are rich in fiber, high-protein, and gluten-free. Millets which are also rich in antioxidants safeguard your body from cell damages. These crops help control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels. Many people have shown interest in millets and there are many restaurants opened which serve only organic food specialized in millets. Millet is a whole grain packed with the necessary nutrients for the body. Organic millets can be purchased here at Sweet Karam Coffee. Around 10 varieties of organic millet rava can be purchased here.

Millets are the indigenous crops of India where it was widely used by farmers and the royal kingdoms before rice overtook it. However, millets are better than the rice crop as millets have better nutritional value. People are rediscovering the millet based snacks and it has given a comeback in the supermarkets in recent days which show the importance of the crop and its value.

Apart from the above, Sweet Karam Coffee provides organic dals, grains, pulses, flours, palm sugar, spices, etc. Though now a lot of healthy drinks are advertised, the traditional health mix (kanji maavu) is still known as the best source for complete nutrition to the children. The organic health mix powders can be found in the Sweet Karam Coffee's Organic health mix section. Opt-out of the unhealthy instant mix and opt-in for a healthy organic ready mix for your fast paced lifestyle.

All our products are carefully produced by small farmers in the villages around Chennai. We do not polish any crops to make it shine. Just fresh from the fields to your table with hygienic packing. Every time you buy an organic product, you are encouraging an organic farmer to produce more organic products and doing your bit to keep the earth chemical-free. Be organic, be healthy, be yourself.