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A meal without a dal, is never a meal at all

Health Benefits of Dal: India is a country which has an avid use of Dal everyday (Dal is a term used in our country for dried and split pulses). The word Dal also refers to the soupy preparation from these pulses. As Dal in India holds its place as staple food and is an important part of many wide cuisines here, having people moved over to healthier choices in their everyday food, there is a look out for Organic Dal much across. Nevertheless, agreeing on this fact, in a health-conscious environment we live in, we all are ready to run that extra mile to make better choices in our everyday eating choices too. So why choose Organic Dal? Let us help you more on this. Organic Dal is grown in a farming environment with no use of pesticides, no harmful chemicals and definitely no growth regulators. There is a lot of care taken during the growing and the harvest with good practices that help retain the nutritional value in the Organic Dal, which otherwise is lost or altered when grown in a chemically induced environment. It is grown in better and natural conditions and much of the goodness is kept intact naturally. This helps in building a better health system overall. Promoting Organic choices is good for the environment too. Then why not do our part! Dal is a power pack and is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates and fiber. Consuming dal everyday meets our daily requirements of essential nutrients. Also widely known as a good source of  manganese, potassium, folate, magnesium, copper, zinc, and vitamin B.

So here we have it at Sweet Karam Coffee, the Organic Dal consciously and as beautifully waiting to be bought by our customers at our Online store. For the best of both worlds, health and taste, our customers want. At Sweet Karam Coffee, we have them available at any time as per your requirement. Like always said and believed, it’s just one click away. You can order it from and this will reach home at best of your convenience. Like an added advantage of not stepping out but making the right choice by buying the naturally grown Organic Dal. Savor it in your favorite dishes every day because Indian food is incomplete without a Dal, spreading over hot steamed rice just on your plate, both together going around with that dainty aroma, with hands waiting to start and enjoy the most satisfying simple meal ever.

Order a wide variety of Organic Dals and Grains at best and cheap prices from Sweet Karam Coffee with door delivery across Chennai. Order Toor Dal (Pigeon Pea), Chana Dal (Split chickpeas), Urad Dal (Black gram), Moong Dal, Green Moong (Mung beans) Dal and Brown Chana Dal. Our conscious effort has made the essential dals take a place on our online store, as meeting our customers varied preferences is our foremost intention. Do visit our site, where Happiness is Homemade , just for you at our online store for more of this and also many of other 450 products. And at last when buying organic produce, we in a way promote sustainable living, not just for us, but for the planet too.

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