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Organic Flour - You are what you eat

Organic choices are new buzz. They do a lot good to the health providing better nutrition devoid of harmful chemicals. 

Sweet Karam Coffee partner’s with Tapovana organic farms for 100% fresh farm produce.

The best thing that organic produces are grown without the use of synthetic based fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming, well as a system sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people.

So, your choices are turning towards organic too? Why not. We at Sweetkaramcoffee have them all too. Let us introduce you the range of organic flour’s we feel good about to offer our dear customers.  So here they are,

- 100% Organic Besan Flour

 - Wheat floor

 - Ragi Flour

 - Nine Grain Flour

 - Red Maize Flour

 - Thinai (Foxtail Flour)

 - Kambu (Pearl Millet) Flour

 - Kuthiraivalli (Barnyard Millet) Flour

 - Varagu (Kodo Millet) Flour

 - Saamai (Little millet) Flour

These are our very own flour’s used day to day in every Indian household. But why be unsure of all the chemical and other harmful components it comes along. So, as we partner with Tapovana organic farms, farmers with good guidance and natural farming practices produce 100% organic crops in the best methods well suited. 

Also, Tapovana organic farms, identifies striving small farmers, aid support as required, working around uplifting them socially and morally. For all the good work done it is indeed good to buy and support them in small little ways, which would mean the world to them.

Order 100% Organic Flour in Chennai with Door delivery 

All our 100% organic flour’s are just one click away, at , our very own online store all up for you. Have our organic flours delivered, right at your doorstep at best of your convenience.  

May it be Besan Laddu, soft roti’s, a Ragi Dosa or Ragi malt make them all. Make healthy goodies with the nine-gram flour as they are a power pack house of nutrients. Some delicious pakoda’s from the red maize flour to Murukku (fried snack) with our Organic Thinai or a yummy pulao from the Varagu (Kodo Millet) Flour, upma and a Saamai Ribbon Murukku, make them all. The best of taste and health together. Relish and binge with no guilt at all!

Your one stop, for all the “Happiness is homemade” has variety much more to offer. 

From your early cup of coffee, homemade ghee and butter, instant Podi’s and mixes, our good old traditional pickles, Vadams and appalams, healthy snacks , health special mixes ,mixtures to Barley mix, covering up a wide range of good stuff,  we have in stock of all. Our utmost importance is to cover the most of our customer choices with no altering the traditional taste, made with love and care by our beloved home chefs because we all believe in homemade food and the happiness it delivers. Come visit our site and we are happy to have you as our customer

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