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Saamai (Little Millet)
Saamai (Little Millet) 500g Little Millet is high in healthy fats in addition to all...
Rs. 109.00
Varagu (Kodo Millet)
Varagu (Kodo Millet) - 500g Kodo is very rich in dietary fibre and protein in...
Rs. 89.00
Thinai (Foxtail Millet)
Thinai (Foxtail Millet) 500g Foxtail is very rich in phosphorus and thiamine (Vitamin B1) in...
Rs. 89.00
Kudhiraivaali (Barnyard Millet)
Kudhiraivaali (Barnyard Millet) 500g Barnyard millet is a good source of highly digestible protein and...
Rs. 99.00