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Order Organic rice varieties online at Cheap and Best prices online with Free door delivery in Chennai

The cultural role of rice in the Southern part of India is immense. Be it any normal day or any auspicious gathering, rice has its presence. With the diversity of culture in India, beautiful harvest festivals symbolize rice as most divine for us.

So, there is no get away from rice. Well, we don’t want too. How can a day go without eating rice! Satiety is in a happy rice meal! A meal devoid of rice is unimaginable. Give up anything but not rice. Rice is tradition passed down for most of us. 

Organic Rice as a Source of Protein and Vitamin:

- Organic rice, a healthy source of fiber, phytochemicals, and essential minerals while lower in calories

- Organic Rice is a superfood! Easily digestible, as easy on your tummy any day

- Fat free any day

- Gives you some lasting energy

- Colored rice is rich in antioxidants

- The brown and the red variety have essential nutrient locked

- Vitamin B, Iron, fiber all in a proportion, but has it all

- Black rice is a super-rich food

- Brown rice, a wholesome grain with protein and fiber

- Slows down ageing process

- Metabolism booster

- Improved bowel movement

    So many good facts and less known to us. One click away on our online store, you have it all. The range we offer you talk it all. Oh, My Rice! Just look at them, in the rice category, you have it all. Rice Varieties available online:

    - Raw Rice

    - Idly Rice

    - Boiled Rice

    - Red rice  (Rice that has been partially boiled in the husk)

    - Thooyamalli Rice (Thooyamalli rice is a traditional rice variety wherein the name denotes a newly bloomed jasmine flower. It is pearl-colored rice)

    - Kattuyanam Rice (It is an extremely tall variety)

    Thanga Samba rice (The grains are golden in color hence the name)

    Kerala Red Rice (It is a Red parboiled rice)

    Seeraga Samba Rice (A tiny-grained variety)

    Mappilai Samba Rice (Red in color and is grown predominantly in Tamil Nadu)

    Hand pounded rice (Hand pounded rice is known to be one of the healthiest variants as it is pounded in a mortar and pestle)

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