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Order Organic Vegetables and Fruits online in Chennai now with Door Delivery

Organic Veggies – Fresh from the farm

Healthy foods lead to a happy mood. Organic veggies are vegetables grown in the farm without using any pesticides, chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified seeds. The first wealth is health. In the last decade, more farmers have switched to inorganic or chemical farming just to get more yields. So, nowadays most of the vegetables we purchase are grown with the help of chemicals which will boost its productivity and yield. However, these chemicals may stay as a residue in our body and create problems in the future.

Why Organic veggies

The best way to protect our body from unwanted chemicals is to consume vegetables that are organically grown. Organically grown vegetables do not lose their nutritional value. Some reports from the past show that an organic diet can improve general health and boost immunity. High levels of carcinogenic substances are present in the food produced in conventional or in-organic farming. Hence, people wanted to switch to organically produced vegetables to maintain their health.

Health Benefits of Eating Organic Vegetables and Fruits

 - It helps in boosting the immune system

 - Prevents pre-mature aging

 - Tastes better than non-organic foods

 - Reduces the presence of pesticides

 - Reduces risk of heart diseases

 - Improves overall general health

 - Ensures a safe and healthy world for the future generation

    Now you can order Organic Tomato, Onion, Ladies Finger, Cabbage, Beans and many more organic vegetables fresh from farm directly to your homes. 

    Sweet Karam Coffee partnering with Tapovana organic farms is bringing you the farm-fresh organic veggies right delivered to your home in Chennai. Team Tapovana carefully selected the farmers producing the vegetables through organic methods and gives them complete guidance and support to grow quality vegetables. Organic veggies are always fresh as it does not contain preservatives to make it last longer. So, you will always consume it fresh. The latest studies propose that the consumption of organic food can contribute to more intake of nutritionally advantageous antioxidants.

    All our organic farm vegetables are directly procured from the farmers. Every time you buy organic, you are persuading more farmers to grow organic.

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