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Rice Appalam 300g  - Free Shipping Across India

Rice Appalam 300g

Rs. 169 Rs. 160
Urad Dal Papad (Ulundhu Appalam) 250g  - Free Shipping Across India

Urad Dal Papad (Ulundhu Appalam) 250g

Rs. 169 Rs. 160
Tapioca Papad (Maravalli Appalam) 200g  - Free Shipping Across India

Tapioca Papad (Maravalli Appalam) 200g

Rs. 169 Rs. 160
Urad Dal Thick Papad (Rettai Ulundhu Appalam) 250g  - Free Shipping Across India

Urad Dal Thick Papad (Rettai Ulundhu Appalam) 250g

Rs. 169 Rs. 160
Buy Mouth Watering South Indian Papad Online
  • Indian Appalam, also known as South Indian Papad, papadum or poppadom, is a popular delicacy all over India. Their characteristic taste and flavour come from different grains, most commonly rice, urad dal, tapioca, black gram and pepper. This delectable Indian snack has found its way into people's hearts and can be made by roasting or frying the papad. It is served as an appetiser or as an accompaniment to a meal in various households. The ingredients and the technique for making the appalams decide their crispness and thickness. Usually, thin and crisp papads are most enjoyed by everyone. Sweet Karam Coffee’s collection of appalam varieties is highly authentic and organically made. We source grains from organic farmers all over India and ensure the quality of the final papadam. Available in various shapes and sizes as well as varieties, these organic South Indian papads are sure to keep you coming back for more!

    Check Out The Flavorful Appalam Varieties at Sweet Karam Coffee

    Sweet Karam Coffee brings the taste of traditional South India with its fresh handmade papads made by our homely chefs with Indian spices and ingredients. You can store these for three months and consume them by roasting over the fire, frying in oil or simply heating them in the microwave for a quick crunch. Here are some of our appa karam or papad types:

    Ulundhu Appalam (Urad Dal Papad): It is the commonest type of papad found in Indian households and is made with Urad dal, jeera seeds and salt with no onion or garlic. Rice flour may also be added. This tasty and crispy snack is unmissable and a must-have in every kitchen.

    Arisi (Rice) Appalam: This South Indian rice papad's delectable crisp is no match. It reminds us of grandma’s tasty papads during the summer vacations as kids. It is an ideal side dish and tea snack that is also healthy.

    Maravalli Appalam (Marichini/Tapioca Papad): These melt-in-mouth masala papads are popular in Kerala and are made from Tapioca which is grinded, boiled, cooked and eventually sun-dried to increase its shelf life. It is made with the traditional Indian methods being followed for many years.

    Ulundhu Appalam Chips: This tasty finger snack is perfect for when you are feeling hungry and need something crispy. These tiny chips made from urad dal and salt can be ideal for any meal and enhance its flavour.

    Check out our range of appadala Karam or South Indian papad varieties for some mouth-watering homemade Indian snacks online!

    Sweet Karam Coffee Is Your Go-To Online Homemade Food Store

    Sweet Karam Coffee prides itself in producing and delivering homemade happiness to all its customers across the country. You, too, can experience the delicious traditional food made at home by ordering some of our homemade delights. Our range of Indian food will surely remind you of your sweet grandmother and the efforts she takes to feed you the best quality and variety of homemade food. The daily essentials store also includes homemade masalas, instant and ready mixes, homemade pickles, papads and vadams, filter coffee powder and tea, beverages and health mixes

    Why Shop From Sweet Karam Coffee?

    Sweet Karam Coffee is an Indian food store that delivers happiness in the form of homemade food items to its customers throughout India. We stay in touch with expert home chefs that make traditional Indian delights such as papadams, homemade pickles, oils, ghees and butter, sweets and snacks, beverages and many more to give you the complete Indian home meal experience. All our products are organic, made tasty and healthy using the best quality ingredients and are made with special love. You can explore our wide range of Indian delights and find something that reminds you of the unconditional love and lip-smacking food made by your grandmother. Our recent additions also include some vegan and gluten free sweets and snacks, healthy porridge mixes for instant breakfast, and farm-fresh groceries from small farmers. The best thing is, that we use zero preservatives and zero toxic chemicals.


    How is papad made?

    Papads are usually made by taking some amount of urad dal or other grains, grinding it into flour and then adding salt and hing or jeera for taste. Then water is added, and the dough is kneaded. The desired shape is made, and these papads are dried in the sun.

    What are the ingredients of papad?

    Different types of papad are made using different ingredients. Such as, the urad dal papad is made using urad dal, salt, papad Khar and vegetable oil.

    What is the method of papad?

    Once the raw papad has been dried in the sun, you can consume them by roasting directly over a flame, frying them in oil or microwaving them.

    What is the South Indian papad called?

    South Indian papad is traditionally called Appalam and is made using special ingredients and methods used for generations.