The New Avatar of #SweetKaramCoffee 😎 With the humongous support of our customers and well wishers since the first day of our inception, we have now transformed from a small daily meal brand in Madras to INDIA'S HOME FOOD STORE with 1L+ customers, delivering all your daily home essentials from snacking options to ready mixes to condiments to organic daily grocers & more 🤩
We will be your #GoodBasket now delivering authentic good and clean home food with handpicked ingredients without the 3 deterrents - Zero Palm Oil, Zero Artificial Colors or Chemicals, empowering home chefs, home brands and small farmers. The whole idea got inspired from our earlier generations when they just had one family food store for generations together which offered everything that was authentic, unadulterated & clean and with a lot of emotional connect and happiness! That one daily food store was literally a part of our family then. All our parents and grandparents did was to make a provision list at the beginning of the month and handover it to this home food store which managed every single need of the family.

We wanted to recreate this nostalgic experience of being this ONE STOP HOME FOOD STORE but with a twist, offering a confluence of both traditional and contemporary home foods for your entire family.

We seek all your good wishes and support as we travel together in this beautiful journey 🙏#HappinessEveryday ❤️