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Worth of it

I have tasted first time and found that it is available In skf. Would recommend.

Very good

Very good and tasty vadam..crispy as well.

Ribbon Vadam Crisps 250g
Senthil Sivalingam1
No taste

There is no taste in this vadam. Also while frying the oil is getting pop ups so be careful while frying.

Murukku Vadam

I liked the Murukku Vadam. It is well dried in the sun & tastey.THe preparation is fine. I will recommend to my friends.

yummy n healthy jaggery soan papdi

This was different and wanted to try.... its healthy, tasty and couldn't wait to recommend to others

Kai Murukku 400g- Pre Order (Delivery between 19th and 23rd Oct)

Spl Madras Mixture (Sev Mix) 200g


Maavadu (Spicy) (Tender Raw Mango pickle) 500g

Fresh and Tasty

It was very delicious my mother loved it

fabulous appalam

the taste is fabulous and yummy .

Highly Recommended

Recently I bought this Mango aavakai pickle. Taste was really great. Total satisfaction 👍


There was no added sweetener, it has a natural taste, so healthy.

Badusha (Balushahi) 250g

Right amount of sugar and crispiness, very tasty

Yummy and tasty

Nice .if price is less more people will buy

Inji thokku

Not great. Just like any store bought pickle

yummy and best

s boon to all who cannot find mahani in market.

tasty mavadu

authentic tamil brahmin preparation. will give 5 star if cost is reduced.tasty and yummy

The best maavadu

I have tasted several brands. Till I tasted Sweet Karam's maavadu, I used to buy regularly from one of the other suppliers. Now I go only for this.

Angaya podi really added a taste to our meal, with hot rice and ghee ....enjoyed...

Excellent taste

Very good Kanji mix

Worth and best thing to consume in the mornings. I was searching for karuppu kavuni rice mix powder and finally SKC made it available.

Every penny worth.

Rice Appalam 300g
Senthil Sivalingam1
Best rice appalam

One of the best rice appalam I have had. Thanks to SKC

Elaivadam arisi appalam

The elai was good.
Thae applam was not like appalam but thicker eai vadam.
Earlier supply of arisi appalam was really what it should not this lot .

Needham chips

It was crisp and tasty to eat