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Angaya Podi (Traditional powder for rice) 180g

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This ancient recipe is from South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Very few people make it, or know of its existence now, but forgetting something as precious as this will be a very costly health care mistake!

Grandmas used to make it a compulsory item in the meal for visitors, who came tired and weary. It can be eaten by anyone who is looking for fatigue relief, cure stomach upset, relieve aches and pains, cure indigestion etc. 

Angaya podi is an indispensable powder which is given to new mothers post-delivery. It is among the main dishes included in a pathiya samayal (special food cooked on certain occasions or to cure health issues). The medicinal benefits of this dish come from its immensely crucial medicinal ingredients. Angaya podi is sure to leave you cleansed and refreshed.

Whenever a person feels tired after travel, experiences fatigue or has a stomach upset, this is the ideal food.

Dry Sundakkai (turkey berry) helps in reducing gastritis, Manathakkali vathal (Dry Black Night Shade) helps as a coolant and is used in treating mouth ulcers and gastritis. Dry neem flowers help expelling worms in digestive system and is good for skin. Along with that coriander seeds, dry ginger, pepper, curry leaves everything is so nutritious and healthy. 

100% Homemade| Authentic south Indian


Sundakka/Turkey Berry Vathal, Manathakkali/Sun Berry Vathal, Veppam Poo/Dried Neem flower, Toor Dal, Urad Dal, Dhania/Coriander seed, Pepper, Chukku/Dry Ginger, Red Chilli, Asafoetida, Curry Leaves, Salt.

How to use:

Typically served by mixing the powder with hot plain rice and ghee. Can also be used as side dish for tiffin items by adding gingelly oil to it.

Shelf Life:

180 days

Storage Instructions:

Store in an air-tight container. Can be refrigerated for longer shelf life.

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    Angaya Podi (Traditional powder for rice) 180g

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    Angaya Podi (Traditional powder for rice) 180g

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