Karuppu Ellu Urundai (Black Sesame Jaggery Balls) 250g.

Black Sesame Jaggery Balls (Karuppu Ellu Urundai) 250g

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Ingredients: Black Sesame (Til seeds), Jaggery and Cashews.

Karuppu Ellu Urundai (Black Sesame Jaggery Balls/ Til Laddoo) Storehouse of nutrients!

Made out of Black Sesame (Til seeds), Jaggery and Cashews this is a storehouse of nutrients and becomes a top recommendation as a healthy snack hands down!

Ellu Urundai is a Kongu nadu (Coimbatore and around) special sweet and is packed with Calcium, Protein, Iron, Zinc, several B vitamins, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Anti-oxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids.

Both Sesame seeds and Jaggery are Iron-rich and given regularly to young girls and women alike, for bone health and general strength. Consumption of Sesame Jaggery balls reduces hair fall and imparts shine to the hair. Asthma patients should have one Sesame ball every day to ease breathing difficulties. It can reduce tension in the nerves and imparts calmness. It provides great immunity to children against common cold, and other fevers. The oil present in Sesame will make sure skin diseases are kept at bay and keeps the skin healthy.

Research has also found out that Black Sesame can prevent Cancer aid in its cure. It also provides relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis and regenerates brain cells! Do we need any more reason to have one Karuppu Ellu Urundai a day!?


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Crispy and delicious

The right size, perfect sweetness and hardness. Some other brand sesame laddoos can be jaw-breakers! Different but tasty , can't stop eating them. Thanks :)

Ravi Kishore
Excellent quality

Thanks for making very good quality sesame balls

sreehari Raghavan

Karuppu Ellu Urundai (Black Sesame Jaggery Balls) 250g