Jangiri (Chennai Only) 250g.

Jangiri 250g

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Order Jangiri and other Homemade Sweets online @www.sweetkaramcoffee.in and get it delivered to your doorstep. Travel Back in Time to your Golden Childhood Days relishing our delights that taste just like your Grandma's preparation.

A sugary sweet flower which makes one wonder whether to marvel at the colour and design or savor the sweetness by taking a bite of it. This circular shaped sweet is a treat to both eyes and ears.

Jangiri, also known as Imarti is said to have originated from Rajasthan. This sweet is often confused with its closer cousin Jalebi , which is made out of fermented batter. A version of this sweet is popular in Middle East regions as well.

Jangiri is made of urad dal batter fried in ghee. It is then soaked in sugar syrup. It is a really artistic to watch the preparation of Jangiri. It takes more than experience and Kai pakkuvam to draw those swirls, twirls and create the flowery pattern in hot oil. Flavored with rose essence and cardamom, the pleasant aroma engulfs you during the preparation of the exotic sweet is intoxicating.

This salivating sweet is often seen in auspicious occasions like wedding and made during festivals like Diwali. This finger licking sweet is popular in smaller size too called as Mini Jangiri.

Enjoy the authentic sweets made with care, love just like your grandma's kitchen at SweetKaramCoffee. Having served around 35,000 customers, our homemade sweets are the best your hands can reach ,when you have the sweet cravings. After all, Home is where the happiness is and happiness is homemade!

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Customer Reviews

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Giri Sharma
Back to my childhood with Jangiri!

Loved the taste and flavour, as it carried me back to my childhood when I had jangiris. Sadly in my domicile state we do not get fresh jangiri, hence I tried many brands online. The closest to my childhood taste was Sweet Karam Coffee . Superb taste ! Wish I could have freshly made jangiri some day.



Mouth watering Jangiri

Killer taste. Makes me take not one but two or three in one go. And to prolong the taste in the mouth, nibbles, instead of large bites, though the mouth hankers for the larger portion.