Kadarangai Pickle (Wild Lemon/Bara nimbu) 250g.

Wild Lemon/Bara nimbu Pickle (Kadarangai) 250g

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Homemade | Zero Preservatives


Kadarangai, oil, salt, manjal, red chilly, asafatida, fenugreek powder/Vendayam powder, Black mustard seeds

How to use:

Ready to eat

Shelf Life:

45 days

Storage Instructions:

Store it in a cool dry place. Use only a dry spoon


This citrusy fruit is best to prepare as pickle. This pickle is widely prepared in Indian marriages. The kadarangai skin, too, holds a faint bitterness, like lemon peel, but it is safe to cook and eat. This Wild Lemon fruit is commonly found in parts of South India, and has a lovely aroma of its own. 

Rujuta Diwekar, the famous dietician recommends Indian pickles for tummy wellness. She said that eating small quantities of achaar is not responsible for the excessive salt intake in our diets; that increased intake is thanks to packaged foods be it the biscuits at tea time or that bottle of ketchup. Unfortunately, only our beloved pickles unfairly get the bad press!

Tried and tested recipes contain the right mix of native ingredients that create the perfect taste and provide a balanced nutrition. There is science behind why one eats pickles with curd rice at the end of a meal. 

It goes without saying, €œOur grandmothers knew what they were doing!

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome pickled

Very tasty and yummy. The quantity can be increased.


The taste was good but the quantity can be increased.


Received in tact
Homely and very tasty yummy
Quantity can be increased
Also packing in pouches can be avoided since part of pickle and oil get wasted