Lotus Stem Crisps (Thamarai Thandu Vathal) 100g

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Food is Medicine used to be our ancestors philosophy. Their plate was so rich with locally available things which were highly nutritious, wholesome and infused health in every bite. Their life was much healthier compared to us.

Homemade | Zero Preservatives


Lotus stem, Salt

How to use:

Fry it in oil directly and consume

Shelf Life:

180 days

Storage Instructions:

Store it in a cool and dry place in an air-tight container

Note: It will be a bit salty when had alone as a snack because salt is the only preservative for lotus stem naturally. But as a side-dish, the salt will be perfectly normal. 

Health Benefits:

1. Lotus stem/root contains many essential vitamins.

2. Lotus stem is a great source of Vitamin C, which helps boost the immunity of a person and fight viral infections.

3. The root also contains essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper and iron, which help the body in the production of red blood cells.

4. Lotus root is known for strengthening the respiratory system of a human body, which ultimately helps a person fight a number of diseases.

5. They are rich in dietary fiber and low on saturated fats, hence keeping a person's calorie count in check.

With delivery across India, traditional and homemade food is within your reach. 

Remember food is medicine and health is happiness. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ramkumar PL

It Was Nice Crispy, Less Oily. Not Tangy Which It Can Be . Liked It But Not Like What We Get From Palkkad, Kerala.

Lotus Stem

It is very good. We like it. Hence repeat purchase

Senthil Sivalingam1
Worth of it

I have tasted first time and found that it is available In skf. Would recommend.