Premium Assam Tea Powder 250g.

Premium Assam Tea Powder 250g

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 Chai or Tea is the most common beverage across all societies of India, from the rich to downtrodden classes. So much so that even lack of money is indicated in terms of tea (like, "I don't have paisa even for a single tea!") proving that it is India's most common drink across all seasons.

India is the 2nd largest producer of tea after China. Assam Tea their beautiful Tea estates are famous most favoured across the world. The wide varieties of tea such as Assam, Darjeeling, Kangra, Nilgiri, Kashmiri Kahva, etc. And among all, the Assam tea is able to hold its popularity with its flavour and aroma. This tea is being savored not only nationally but internationally as well. The secret to its preference over other teas is the texture of tea produced in Assam. It has a robust taste and a powerful aroma with a burgundy-reddish hue to it. The extremely suitable climate of Assam is responsible for the manufacturing of such high-quality tea.

The significant quality of Assam tea is that it mixes well with sugar and milk and it enriches the flavor of masalas or spices like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, etc that go into the process of making tea. There exists a wide variety of tea in Assam with varying quality and grades.

It comprises of high caffeine quantity, so it is great in keeping you energetic and productive in the morning. Since this brew has a quite strong flavour,
it is often compared to English breakfast tea. Coffee more often causes you jitters but in the case of Assam tea, due to the steady release of the caffeine,
it works great to keep our mind focused for a prolonged period and doesn't cause jitters.

Our unique premium tea is a blend of tea leaves from Assam's tea estates of Monabarie, Nonoi, Nahorhabi, Meleng, Mangalam, Sonapur, Sapoi.
The remarkable Mangalam Tea Estate produces a smoother tea compared to the production of the other estates of extremely high quality. Manobarie tea garden is the largest in Asia. Monabarie tea garden is also known for its production of Reddish Bright Color tea.

Sapoi tea estate's tea product quality is quite evident and displays the ancestral values in it. Meleng tea estate earned many prestigious awards from Tea Board of India for exotic quality tea. Sonapur tea estate is know for spreading the strong brew of their high-quality CTC tea. This blend of various types of tea leaves choicely picked from the best tea gardens of Assam is sure to pack delight pleasure for tea connoisseurs !

Shelf Life: 180 Days from the date of mfg

Approximately 55cups 


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