special murukku vadam (salt)

Special Murukku Vadam (Salt) (Sun-dried Rice Sticks) 250g

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Homemade | Zero Preservatives


Rice flour, Jeera/Cumin Seeds, Salt, Spices

How to use:

Fry it in oil directly and consume

Shelf Life:

365 days

Storage Instructions:

Store it in a cool and dry place in an air-tight container

This summer special is made of Raw Rice, Cumin Seeds, Salt special spices and is a traditional Grandma summer routine! This Murukku Vadam dough is laid as small sticks on leaves/sheets and sun-dried.  The moment it hits your teeth it breaks, and the crispy texture gives way for a savoury taste. This vadam has to be deep-fried in oil always. 

Light and crispy, the addition of cumin gives this vadam a unique flavour. Spl Murukku Vadam goes well with variety rice dishes like Puliyodharai, Lemon rice, Rasam rice, Sambar rice, Tomato rice etc. It would have definitely taken a place in our lunch boxes growing up.

Travel Back in Time to your Golden Childhood Days relishing our delights that taste just like your Grandma's preparation.


Customer Reviews

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Ramkumar PL
Crisp And Less Oily

Very Very Crisp And Does Not Soak Oil At All. Also.Not Too Salty. Very Balanced And Nice. Liked It !