Imp Note: For all mango orders, freebies will not be applicable/ included in the cart irrespective of the order value

We're Painting Your Home Yellow 🥭🍑!

Your Janaki Paati has heard your mango yearnings loud and clear! And yes, the only thing that can make the summer and the sweltering weather bearable and tolerable are the mangoes. Whether you're 6, 16, or 60 - the happiness over farm-fresh mangoes remains evergreen. We've detected your sweet tooth and cravings for these summer delights.

Because for us, mango isn't just a word; it's an emotion that ignites pure, unadulterated joy 😋!

Disclaimer: Since these are farm fresh mangoes, naturally occurring black spots are common & these mangoes may not be as shiny as chemically pre-ripened mangoes. In case of any concerns, please reach out to our customer care team via or call 7358068806. Also kindly note that these are semi-ripened mangoes and will take 3-4 days for ripening fully.

Voice of Our Mango Fans

Undoubtedly the best this season!

The King of Mangoes is best enjoyed in its freshness! As a diehard fan of this variety of mangoes, I can confidently say that what SKC offers is the best of the best. I’ve bought plenty for the family as well as to gift to dear friends. Don’t miss out!

Laavanya Narasimhachari

Best ever!

We all enjoyed the mango. It was a relief as we watched the green mangoes turn golden yellow. We were know these are not artificially ripened.

 Reshmi Vinayan

Super taste ..

I have ordered mangoes more than 3 times now .. not even once was disappointed with the taste .. yummy mangoes ..😋👍 

 Avaanti. M Karthik 

Our farm fresh mangoes are naturally ripened and are free of carbide. These fruits are grown in a natural environment and may contain more nutrients than regular mangoes.

"We believe in sustainable farming process. These farm fresh mangoes are extremely tasty, low in sugar and high on nutrients" - Natraj (Farmer)