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Why Home-Foods are Always Special

No matter where you hail from or who you are, the chances of liking food are probably on a higher side. However, one does get an adrenaline rush while going down memory lane and thinking of old childhood days when your grandmother used to cook some fantastic delicacies for you. From the taste and aroma of traditional mango pickle to the crispy Oma Podi Vathal, all your favourite recollections have origin in grandma’s house. When we go home for holidays or breaks, we all look forward to all the great, handmade meals made with love.


Every time we pack our bags to leave for college or work in some other city, it’s never the case that we don’t have an additional bag of homemade food items made by our grandma or mother as a matter of their selfless relationship with us. Homemade food is more special because it is inextricably linked to our cultural and personal identities and is made with unconditional love by our loved ones.

Buy Healthy Organic Food Online in India

We know staying away from home and still craving healthy traditional homemade food is a strain we all come across. With hectic travelling times and work schedules, we can’t prepare all the food items at home like our grandma used to do, neither we have time to go shopping every weekend? But today's fast-paced lifestyle demands us to stick to natural organic food and eat well to avoid stress-related illnesses and simply feel healthier and more energised every day. So, how to manage it?

What if someone makes homemade organic food available with just a click? The issue is resolved. Isn’t it? With Sweet Karam Coffee, you can find all healthy foods to eat, such as bakery items, DIY kulfi packs, pickles, organic mangoes, tea, coffee, beverages, traditional sweets and snacks, and breakfast mixes, desi ghee, butter, etc. We bring a wide range of 90+ traditional and organic food products to savour your taste buds without any guilt. Working individuals who find it difficult to commute after long hours and buy-in congested markets would benefit from our platform. With our finger-licking traditional grandma’s recipes, you will be relieved from eating unhealthy food items and switch to nutritious organic products while feeling so much better! Your search for an organic store online near me ends with us as we deliver across India with a hassle-free delivery process.

Healthy Traditional Snack Options To Choose From

Hunger and food are inextricably linked. We look for conveniently available, appetising solutions to satisfy food cravings, grab that much-needed bite in the middle of a busy workday, and relax and unwind after a long day's work with some evening snacks. This encourages us to eat fatty foods that cause more harm than benefit. Healthy snack ideas, snacks, on the other hand, can keep you energised and pleased throughout the day.

It does not imply that one should give up on food or taste. All we need to do now is discover healthy and easy homemade snacks.

Are you seeking gluten-free snacks or just healthy homemade snack ideas high in protein and low in sugar? Thankfully, there is no shortage of homemade snack choices in India with Sweet Karam Coffee.

Sweet Karam Coffee offers you a wide assortment of traditional snacks and traditional sweets to choose from, and the best part is that they taste just like what your grandma used to prepare for you during summer vacations. There's a healthy snack for everyone, whether you're a purist who only eats whole foods, a foodie searching for fresh ideas or a busy on-the-go professional. From the best south Indian Diwali snacks to traditional sweets online, we deliver the best to your doorstep in any corner of India.

Best Readymade Mixes For Saving Your Time

If you enjoy cooking, you understand the pleasure of sharing a meal with individuals you care about. But, with our increasingly hectic lifestyles, this isn't always easy to achieve. And, as much as we love to cook, it all takes a long time. Meal planning, grocery shopping, preparation, cooking, and cleaning up all take up time that we don't have. At Sweet Karam Coffee, we have made the cooking process easy for you with our healthy and nutritious readymade mixes. So, whether you have guests at home or want to treat your loved ones with something traditional and homemade, our ready mix, beverage mixes, breakfast mixes, instant upma mix, porridge mix, etc., are there to save your day. Order online now!

Check Out The Wide Range of Pure Ghee and Oils Online

Oil, Butter and Ghee are the cooking essentials in all Indian homes. But what about the quality we buy from the market? Do not worry! Trust our scent and give it a shot! Extracted using traditional cold press procedures, Sweet Karam Coffee’s cold-pressed coconut oil and cold-pressed groundnut oil are the healthiest options to switch to. Cold-pressed oils, on the whole, have been shown to maintain all of the inherent qualities of oilseeds and all of their nutrients. Additionally, there is no chemical refinement. With Sweet Karam Coffee, order 100% cold-pressed oil online.

The world is progressively realising the multiple health benefits of ghee at large, where there is a huge trend to eat fresh, natural, and healthy food. However, our forefathers recognised the health benefits of ghee many centuries ago, and it has remained a staple in Indian households ever since. Ghee from organically raised cows is used to make organic ghee. The pure desi ghee made from these animals' milk retains all of its natural goodness, just like the pure ghee our forefathers used generations ago. Do try our pure butter!

Avail Quick Home Delivery For Bakery Items Online

Grandma was always wonderful at making tried-and-true baked delicacies. All our home bakery food items demonstrate those old recipes and tastes, made with love from our specialised local chefs. From exceptionally tasty homemade chocolate bars, homemade spreads, homemade cookies, granola bars, pancake mixes, and more, you'll feel like a kid again. With our extensive range of COCOA MITTAI collections, grab a nutritious snack to munch upon whenever you crave something sweet. Our bakery items serve the quality you need in your healthy diet free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavours. Our skilled chef prepares every bakery item with love and the best quality ingredients. Who can say no to delectable, nutritious fare?

Tasty, Healthy Homemade Pickles and Appalam

Sweet Karam Coffee’s homemade pickle and homemade appalam are a tasty treat for your taste buds. Our best pickle combination is full of flavour and a must-try for all those who are far away from home and miss the taste of grandma’s pickles and appalam. With a flavorful blend of 100% organic ingredients, they add a taste to your Indian supper and take you on a delectable journey you'll never forget. We bring to you a mix of fresh ingredients and rich spices to improve the experience of each portion ingested with the original, rich flavoured pickles. Our homemade delectable, sour flavoured treat provided at your doorstep will satisfy your childhood pickle yearning. Try our authentic urugai, garlic pickle, lemon pickle and mixed pickles!

Summer Special Dry Kulfi Online

Remember how, on a hot summer night, you hear bells ringing outside your home, and when you look out the window to see if it's what you think it is, you see a small "thalluvandi" with a large drum draped in a bright red cloth?

What an incredible experience it would be to revisit those experiences. Don't worry. We take you back to those memories and tastes with the #SweetKaramCoffee DIY Kulfi Kit, which includes three flavours and six moulds. Nothing had changed from the days when we used to create kulfi by mixing water and sugar with some flavour and freezing it to the days when we can make it at home - the memories, fun, and anxiety are all the same. Furthermore, the kit's contents are entirely natural flavours and organic sugar, making it a nutritious choice. Try our wide variety of mango kulfi, pistachio kulfi, chocolate kulfi, and badam kulfi and tell us which flavour you liked most.

Benefits of Homemade Traditional Delicacies

You can Choose the Quality

With traditional homemade delicacies, you get the quality you and your family deserve. Homemade delicacies eliminate and minimise the number of preservatives you consume compared to regular items. They give you complete control over what goes into your meals. Eating regular preservative loaded pre-prepared foods or takeaway food typically means consuming lower-quality ingredients. Order snacks online now with us!

Brings Back Old Memories

Traditional homemade sweets and snacks add to your emotional quotient. It strengthens friendships and family ties. Their authentic traditional taste takes you back to the older days, making you feel happy about what you are eating and staying connected to the roots. Find the best quality traditional sweets online at Sweet Karam Coffee.

Healthier Option

We normally look for snacks when we feel hungry during the odd times of the day, and if we satiate our hunger with something healthy, it helps maintain our health. You have complete control over what goes into your tummy with homemade sweet snacks when you put it together yourself. Order the healthiest Indian Sweets and Snacks online with Sweet Karam Coffee.

Why Shop from Sweet Karam Coffee

Sweet Karam Coffee has a loyal base of over 80,000 customers and believes that "Happiness is Homemade." With our 600+ homefood products, we are in the process of passing along historical recipes from previous generations to future generations. All of our items have a traditional flavour that takes you down a beautiful memory lane of your grandmother's homemade dishes, thanks to the unconditional affection of local people and diverse home chefs.

Every summer season, we present you a wide choice of handpicked and naturally ripened organic mango online, in addition to our usual homemade snacks, healthy sweets and meals such as bakery items, pickles, butter, health mix, instant ready mix, vadams appalam variants, as well as organic veggies, fruits, groceries, and organic cow milk and beverages. Cool off with our delicious DIY Kulfi Combos with juicy mangoes this summer. Make healthy eating a priority with our homemade squashes and sharbat, maavadus, nutritious chocolate and cookies, and other snacking options.

Our user-friendly web portal guides you through a simple process that allows you to buy mangoes online with simplicity. We're situated in Chennai, and we've made it simple for you to buy homemade delicacies in just a few clicks.


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