The Birth of an Idea - To Create 'Experiences' of Taste with Tradition

October 2015: On a rainy day in Chennai, we, a group of cousins & also avid foodies from a South Indian family were craving for some authentic murukku. We were surprised to find there were NO authentic south Indian snacks on any of the retail shelfs or the snacking shops. We wanted something that was close to homemade, not made of palm oil & preservatives & something that resonated with the memories of our grandmother's preparation.

On the other hand, we had several talented home-chefs in our own family struggling for a voice that would empower them & a hand that would provide them with the financial independence.

We realized we had a huge problem to solve, a purpose to achieve. Along with our family of expert home chefs, we decided to bring these products online with the Mantra ‘Go online for Tradition’. We dug into the recipes of our grandmother’s kitchen & curated them just the way she had prepared - Founding Family, Sweet Karam Coffee

Present: What started as a small initiative, an experimentation in our kitchens of Madras has now evolved into a Global South Indian food brand serving 1L+ customers.

The 3 Ps that drives us...

Passion - Passion for our Traditional Foods

A Passion for Culture & Cuisine

Born in a south Indian foodie family, we wanted to take the richness of this cuisine & culture globally. We wanted to make Authentic south Indian food as an experience to create memories & stories. #ExperienceSouthIndia

Purpose - To offer Products with a Purpose

Provide Clean, Authentic , Home Food experience

We were inspired from our earlier generations where the entire family stayed together & ate together, where food was one big binding factor. Home Food is always authentic, clean and prepared with a lot of emotional connect and happiness! We wanted to re-create Good Food with Great Memories binding families. #ExperienceHome

Power - A humble Power to Empower

Helping the entire ecosystem

There are several small-scale entrepreneurs whom we call ‘homepreneurs’ , a large portion of them being the women talent we’re empowering through this mission of taking the south as far as we can! There’s a plethora of untapped regional potential we plan to tap in times to come.  #PowerToEmpower

Our Customer Reviews

Murugavani, Chennai

Received the sweets and karams.

First of all amazing packaging, optimistic ones. And no words to describe the taste of jangri and thattai. The fryums are not broken. They are awesome. My kids loved the snacks!

Usha Dinesh, Chennai

This is the first time I am ordering and I was pleasantly surprised. While I was told the order would come anytime from 4-2 days before the festival, it arrived on time and was so fresh when I opened them on the day of the festival they were all so fresh. Later I found them very tasty too. Very happy with the order.

Uma Madan, Bangalore

Too too good each item that I am ordered first time. Brought back memories of childhood snacks made at home by my mother in Coimbatore,

Will order soon again

Vaidyanathan, West Bengal

The quality was at par with home made stuff. It reminded of my childhood days when I used to make these with my mom . Really worth the money.

Priya Ganesan, UK

Received all items yesterday. Everything packed well and tasted good and fresh. Appreciate the quality of product very much. No oil smell.Very fresh and tasty exactly like home made. I want to order more. My son really loved chips and snacks. We miss the home made snacks and sweets. Thank you so much.

On a 'G.R.E.A.T' Mission

G- Globalize - Take our regional Indian delicacies to the global food map

R - Revive- Bring back our lost 'Food' prints with experiences of history & emotions of home-food

E - Empower- Empower an entire ecosystem of small farmers & homepreneurs

A - Authenticity - Provide authentic taste prepared with homely ingredients, just like our Grandmother’s Preparation.

T - Transform - Innovate Traditional Snacking with contemporary Twist

We hope to be your one-stop south Indian ‘clean’ packed food destination. For those looking for a blend of authenticity with health, our palm-oil FREE & preservative FREE products, we're just a click away!