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Tasty avakkai pickle!

Received the order on time although I ordered in the last minute. Was delivered within few hrs. Avakkai pickle was yummy and spicy and was perfect too. Will definitely order again.

Gayathri kartik

The best maavadu!

I have tasted several brands. Till I tasted Sweet Karam's maavadu, I used to buy regularly from one of the other suppliers. Now I go only for this. This reminds me my mother. Goes well with sambar rice and curd rice.

Uma Rajamani

Super Avakkai Pickle!

Very authentic taste. Been searching for something like this, with no preservatives. Could have been spicier (like Andhra type) but even without that extra zing the pickle tastes great.


Homemade Avakkai

Avakkai or Avakkaya as it is called in its birthplace Andhra Pradesh is one of the most traditional & sought after pickle that you would find in your grandmother's kitchen especially when you belong to South India.
Summers are synonymous with Mangoes & the pre-ripened Mangoes are handpicked for preparing Avakkai. These pre-ripened mangoes are cut into medium size pieces and pickled with powdered mustard seeds, salt, gingelly oil & fenugreek and marinated for more than two weeks and usually stored in huge ceramic jars in traditional households. The process of preparation, storage and serving is considered almost a ritual
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  • Bring Home The Tasty Maavadu

  • If you are someone who is a big fan of the perfect blend of tangy and sweet, then I won’t have to tell you anything more about Maavadu oorugai. This pickle made with tender baby mangoes can perk up the taste of any dish that you have it with. Curd and rice or sambar rice are incomplete without maavadu pickle.( Maavadu pickle goes well with curd and rice or sambar rice.) This mouth-watering pickle is an important side dish when it comes to a wholesome meal.

    In addition to that, we have all licked our fingers and smacked our lips by virtue of this tasty pickle in our childhood. The golden sight of watching our grandmothers and mothers plan their days around pickling these baby mangoes during the summertime, is a memory to behold. There is a lot of nostalgia attached to it as well. If you wish to order maavadu pickle online, then Sweet Karam Coffee is the perfect place for you.

    Tickle your taste buds with Maavadu 

    Maavadu is different from other pickles because it is a little watery. Infused with the perfect blend of spices and the tanginess of raw baby mangoes, this is a perfect addition to any dish. People enjoy this delicacy in different ways. Some like it with curd and rice, while others like to infuse its powerful taste with other dishes. No matter how you have it, you certainly cannot ignore the value this delicious pickle brings to your food table. 

    Sweet Karam Coffee can bring this amazing taste of nostalgia right to your doorstep. Our Maavadu pickle is made with the goodness of all homemade ingredients and  has zero preservatives. Our vadu mangai pickles are super flavoured and will satiate your taste buds in the best possible way. 

    Why choose SweetKaramCoffee

    At Sweet Karam Coffee, we abide by the saying “Happiness is homemade”. We are committed to curating and presenting our customers with delicious and traditional Indian delicacies that have adorned the memories of our childhood. If you like Maavadu oorugai, then you should also check out our lemon maavadu, avakkai special pickle, mahali pickle and andhra special pickle. 

    In order to enable you to replicate that priceless taste in your kitchen, we have an expansive range of ready-made pastes that will help you to make the dishes of your choice. You can check out our collection of ready mix paste (thokku)all masalas & instant mixesmasalas (podis)breakfast mixesrice mixesmueslisherbal podis and chettinad podis.

    We also have a collection of delectable beverages that can be super healthy thirst quenchers and welcome drinks for your guests. Furthermore , you can also check out our range of gluten free and vegan snacks and sweets to indulge in some guilt free snacking. 


    What is Mavudu?

    Maavadu refers to tender baby mangoes. A special variety of these mangoes is used to make a pickle, which is also known as the vadu mango pickle. What makes this pickle special is the fact that it has a watery consistency, which makes it easy to combine with rice. Curd and rice taste like a dream when combined with maavadu pickle. 

    What is a tender mango pickle?

    Tender mango pickle is also known as maavadu pickle. It is a South Indian delicacy that is savoured with curd and sambar rice. The mangoes are pickled in layers of salt, chilly powder and turmeric and then left for 10-15 days for fermentation. Since tender mangoes are very fibrous, it takes some time for the spices to completely permeate in them and once they do, this pickle becomes an amazing delicacy, which is a perfect combination of sweet and tangy.

    Which state in India is famous for pickles?

    In India, the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are very famous for their pickles. These states are famous for their delicious pickles made from plums, mangoes, vegetables and meat. If you wish to buy Andhra pickle online, then Sweet Karam Coffee is the place for you to shop.