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Build Your Own Bag/ Box

  • This Eco-friendly Gift Jute Bag offering holds true to the cherished traditions of South India, brimming with authentic delicacies such as Madras Mixture, Ribbon, Butter Murukku, Athirasam, Wheat Halwa, and the legendary Mysore Pak.
  • An ideal gifting choice for your team: Choose from our exotic range of authentic sweets, snacks, and specially curated assortments for mouthwatering burfis. #BYJB Delights👜

Gifts Galore🥳- Enhance the sweetness of your relationships this New Year with Boost Burfi, Horlicks Burfi, Dry Fruit Burfi, Classic Milk Cake, Spl Soan Burfi & Kaju Mysorepak . A treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth! With something for everyone, our collection
promises both diversity and pure delight in every single bite.

Range: Pack of 6 | Pack of 9 | Pack of 12

Bigger Assortments Better Budgets

Festive Spl Snacks

Starts from Rs.99

Options Available: Madras Mixture, Murukku Sticks, Ribbon Pakoda, Karasev, Omapodi, Butter Murukku, Karaboondi
Kai Murukku

Festive Spl Sweets

Starts from Rs.99

Options Available: Athirasam, Traditional Mysorepak, Wheat Halwa, Manogaram, Palm Jaggery Kajukatli, Palm Jaggery Mysore Pak, Jaggery Coconut Burfi, Ghee Mysorepak, Dry Fruit Halwa

Tailored Treasures🎁

Infuse personal touches from names to logos. Relive cherished memories with your loved ones, your teams, your clients with our thoughtfully curated gifting options. Making them feel special is always special!

Sustainable Choices🍃

We're saying a firm "NO" to palm oil, in our quest to protect YOU from the hassles of Palm Oil loaded snacks AND protecting our planet's rainforests and biodiversity. Also, Our Jute Bags are not just eco-friendly but a testament to conscious gifting for loved ones and our planet.

Deliver anywhere 🇮🇳 🌏

Door deliver to your teams working remote across India or your families across the globe

  • Corporate Food Gift Hampers
  • Gifts are thoughtful acts, both for the giver and the recipient. But frequently, businesses fail to recognise people who support their success. Making your partners, employees, and clients feel special can largely be accomplished by giving them a thoughtful present.

    However, it always helps to demonstrate that you are prepared to go above and beyond to keep them pleased if you want to enhance employee engagement and retention.

    Even though the process of gifting is the same, purchasing a corporate food hampers for employees differs slightly from purchasing a Christmas present for your pals. Instead, it adheres to a certain code of business etiquette. Gift buying can be challenging. Even when it involves someone you are well familiar with. It is easy to envision how much more difficult it would be in a work environment. 

    Benefits of Corporate Gifts

    Even if it is small, like a pen or a t-shirt with a brand stamped on it, it offers the customer and the staff a sense of value. Gifting at work is a great approach to increase partner, employee, and customer involvement, and certainly, it has many other long-term benefits too:

    • It promotes brand recognition

    With a corporate gift, developing branding campaigns is simple. Gifts with a brand embossed on them are the new way to keep customers' loyalty and create a new customer pool. It is one of the most powerful ways of branding.

    • Enhances client relationships in the company

    In a corporation, keeping an existing customer is more difficult than acquiring a new one. Offering high-quality products and services, holding specials and promotions, and establishing fair rates can all help you build stronger client relationships. But you might also think about adding a gift to the mix. As a result, your customer will feel appreciated and connected. Tell them how grateful you are for their commitment to your brand.

    • Motivate your staff

    Unquestionably, a company's most valuable asset is its workforce. They keep the business operating and deserve appreciation and love for that. The feeling of value they receive as a result will affect their level of productivity.

    Nearly daily, new technical institutes or tech firms are established in Bengaluru and Chennai. Bengaluru and Chennai are the preferred locations for both business owners and software engineers. And, of course, India is the richest of all when celebrating and loving. Therefore, the big corporate families need to celebrate by buying and sharing love through any medium like Durga Puja Sweets, Dussehra Gifts and New year Gift Cards or anything!

    Sweet Karam Coffee is happy to help you with corporate gifting. 

    Could you ship the order in bulk?

    It sounds like a difficult process to perform significant research, discover the ideal gift, order them in bulk, monitor the production, and inspect the quality to ensure perfection. But, it's not hectic, even a little with us. You can order in bulk, and Sweet Karam Coffee can make all your employees and clients happy. For bulk orders, let us know before some days as it takes 2-9 days for delivery. For best-case scenarios, order early.

    In how many days you deliver the order within Bangalore?

    It takes a maximum of 2 days for the delivery order to Bangalore. Buy the best corporate gift in Bangalore, Gift Cards and much more! But unexpectedly, presenting gifts could be a nice idea to spice things up. By exchanging gifts, customers and staff will feel as though they are remembered and cherished regularly rather than only when it is obvious.


    Corporate gifts have several advantages for your company. You should start now if you haven't considered giving your staff and clients gifts. Giving corporate presents may be the key to a long-lasting and prosperous company relationship.

    You may express gratitude and appreciation to your customers and staff with a meaningful present. We at Sweet Karam Coffee homemade food store ultimately adhere to good and secure wrapping for corporate gifts and other gift baskets and seal them on boxes so they wouldn't break during delivery. We believe buying and sending gifts, sweets, snacks, combos, and a smile is all one needs in return!

    Enjoy giving gifts!