Apart from summer vacation, annual day, and exam holidays, you know what's that one thing that kept me wide awake with excitement throughout the night? It was a picnic day.  

A school bus completely bubbling with energy, chirpiness, laughter, and excitement, teachers trying their best to control our mischief and naughtiness, and as usual students - us who would hardly pay any heed to their commands - the bus trip would be more joyful than visiting the actual place during the picnic.

A school picnic to remember!

We were headed for a picnic at waterfalls and a temple outside our village, enjoying ourselves all the way along. We would usually have a pit stop since as kids we would come with a bag full of motion sickness, loo visits, and much more. It would also be a quick refreshment stop.  

As we spilled out of the bus, my friends and I quickly claimed a shady spot beneath a majestic mango tree to spread out our sheets and snack baskets. I remember each of us pulling out a small metal tiffin, the aroma of roasted nuts, baked bread, and fried chips already escaping from within.

The first time we met!

One of my friends shared with me her snack which looked exactly like a ring. As I bit into the first one, those rings were crispy on the exterior, giving way to the soft, onion-studded interior. The blend of spices danced across my tongue – savory, earthy, with just a hint of heat. It was pure perfection, and I couldn't help but let out a contented sigh of delight. My friend called it "Onion Kodubale (Ring Murukku)".

Seeing my obvious enjoyment, and with 10 rings, each one on my fingers, my friends immediately clamored for a taste, and before long, we were all happily sharing and savoring the delectable kodubale or adukale.

As we sat there, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the laughter of our classmates, those kodubale became more than just a snack!

And the never-ending love for Onion kodubale begins…

Soon after I came home, I started bugging my amma about the tasty onion kodubale I had. And she asked my grandma instantly and told me the whole story behind it along with the recipe. My grandmother also told Amma that she would make it different from the authentic recipe, free from Maida. Keeping in mind our health always. 

In a mixing bowl, my amma combined Rice Flour, oil, Onion, Rava, Curd, Edible Common Salt, and Sesame seeds. She kneaded this into a smooth dough, rolled it into small circles, and deep-fried the circles in batches until they puffed up into golden-brown, crispy rings. 

The mouthwatering aroma filled the kitchen as she carefully monitored each batch to ensure perfect texture inside and out. Those few magical minutes of frying yielded the most irresistible onion kodubale.

Thanks to my curiosity, my mom patiently showed me how to fry up a fresh batch, ensuring that each kodubale emerged perfectly crispy and golden on the outside while staying delightfully soft and onion-flecked on the inside.

From that day on, onion kodubale became a staple at every family gathering, picnic, and celebration. My grandmother's recipe was passed down to my mom and later to me, and I, in turn, have shared it with my children and grandchildren, ensuring that the flavors and stories continue to last.

And now, at Sweet Karam Coffee, we bring that same authentic taste and tradition to you. Our onion kodubale are crafted with the utmost care and attention, free from maida, palm oil, and preservatives, using only the freshest ingredients and the time-honored recipes that have been cherished for generations. With every crispy bite, you'll experience the rich cultural heritage and the comforting flavors that have made this humble snack a true treasure.

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