There are some experiences in life which are extremely golden and rare. These things are best enjoyed infrequently like a rare occurrence that is waited for and cherished. Though rare when the incident occurs it leaves a long-lasting impression in everyone’s minds. And everyone waits for the incident to happen again. Relishing a bowl of Akkaravadisal is something like that. It is not often that we enjoy a bowl of Akkaravadisal but when we do it is a blissful moment that will be remembered forever.

Similar to a Chakkara Pongal yet different in some extra additives the Akkaravadisal has a religious fan following of its own. It is made during auspicious days and festivals. It is traditionally offered as neivedhyam to deities. The dish is not prepared in homes often as everyone has their traditional eatery or restaurant where they make the best version of this dish. This dish is also known as Pal Pongal and is made during the Pongal festival as well.

The preparation of this dish resembles that of Chakkara Pongal. Rice is boiled along with moong dal, milk, and sugar. Extra flavor additives like saffron, cardamom, and edible camphor give this dish an extra kick of flavor. The texture of this dish is waterier than Chakkara Pongal but is creamy due to the addition of milk.

The taste of the Akkaravadisal is divine. The saffron gives it the luxurious aroma and the edible camphor adds this religious touch that is quintessential of many South Indian desserts. It glides down the throat with the least effort. Its creamy mouthfeel taste makes it an unforgettable experience. All those rich ingredients mean the Akkaravadisal cannot be indulged in often.

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