Multigrain Health Mix (Kanji Maavu) 250g.

Multigrain Health Mix (Kanji Maavu) 250g

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Ragi/Finger millet, Kambu/Pearl millet, Red Rice, Samba Wheat, Makka Cholam/Maize, White Cholam/Sorghum, Barley, Boiled Rice, Roasted Chana Dal, Horse Gram, Green Gram, Badam, Elachi

How to use Multigrain Health Mix:

Milk version: (To gain weight)

  • Mix 1-2 tsp of Multigrain Health Mix with enough water without lumps.
  • Cook on low flame, stirring continuously until it starts thickening.
  • Then add needed milk and Jaggery /sugar.
  • Your Multigrain Health Mix is ready.

Buttermilk version: (To lose weight)

  • Mix 1-2 tsp of Multigrain Health Mix with enough water without lumps.
  • Cook on low flame, stirring continuously until it starts thickening. leave it to cool.
  • Add diluted Buttermilk and salt to taste.
  • Your Multigrain Health Mix is ready.

Shelf Life:

 180 days

Storage Instructions:

Store it in a cool and dry place in an air-tight container


This millenium old recipe Tamil Nadu is certainly one of the healthiest homemade drinks which provides a great nutrition to the human body due to various grains in its ingredients.

As Kanji Maavu's ingredients are highly nutrition rich, it definitely is a hunger saviour as well as helps in gaining weight when prepared with Milk.

Health benefits:

* Healthy Breakfast substitute

* Great for growth of kids

* Recommended substitute for highly sugared commercial energy drinks.

* Ideal as solid food for infants from 9+ months

* Immunity builder

* Source of essential vitamins and right protein profile

* Healthy dietary sources such as cereals, dry fruits, millets and pulses

* Can be had both sweet and salty according to needs of  weight gain or weight loss

* No added sugar

* Strengthens growing bones

* Boosts Stamina

    Ever wondered how your 60+ year old Grandma was healthy and were able to walk long distances or work tirelessly throughout the day with less sleep, while present generation needs a sleep of at least 8 hours per day and get back pain, knee pain and other issues just at the age of 40? Well, it all ends up with taking proper food at the right times and Health Mix (Kanji maavu) was certainly a part of their everyday diet which supplied their body with right amount of nutrition. 

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    Travel Back in Time to your Golden Childhood Days relishing our delights that taste just like your Grandma's preparation.


    Customer Reviews

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    millet kanji maavi

    no issues as we have been this product since long. it is healthy n keeps one's appetite fine.

    multigrain kanji mavu

    the product is very good and well packed. The product is good for senior citizen n I hv been getting since long from SKC.

    Gomathy Kannan

    Cardamom could have been added more because millets tend to have some kind of taste that eveyone may not prefer. Otherwise, it's good. I added extra cardamom while cooking..