Kai Murukku (South Indian Chakli) 200g
Kai Murukku (South Indian Chakli) 200g
Kai Murukku (South Indian Chakli) 200g

Kai Murukku (South Indian Chakli) 200g

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Order Kai Murukku and other Homemade Snacks online from sweetkaramcoffee.in Looking to Buy Kai Murukku online? You have come to the right place. Welcome to sweetkaramcoffee.in - The House of...


Order Kai Murukku and other Homemade Snacks online from sweetkaramcoffee.in

Looking to Buy Kai Murukku online? You have come to the right place. Welcome to sweetkaramcoffee.in - The House of Homemade Indian Veg Delights

Handmade Murukku (or) very popularly known as Kai Murukku is one of the best South Indian Savory made of Urad Dal Flour, Raw Rice Butter.

Kai Murukku - translated as handmade twists is a treat to mouth as well as eyes. Though originated from Tamilnadu with some twists in the recipe, this spiral snack has spread its wings throughout India.

When weddings were not just attended but actively involved, when rituals were not just performed but enjoyed with its essence, this timeless snack was made by ladies in the house. It would be a treat to watch them gathered in house courtyard concentrating on twirling their fingers in making these sharp edged spicy treats. The aroma of Kai Murukku when it takes a dip in hot oil would announce the arrival of festival/function to everyone in the vicinity. The crunchiness of output would ensure the entire box of it would be emptied in matter of days.

There is a legend that Murukku gets its color from the mood of maker. If murukku turns out darker, the one made that is supposed to be in a bad mood. Traditionally slokas will be chanted, jokes will be shared while doing this spiral delight.

Our rich tradition includes many recipes which are not just tastier but healthier , wholesome and enjoyed by all generations of people for a long time.These murukku recipes are passed from generation to generation through years. Murukku is made during summer vacations where children used to gather in grandparent¡¬¾¢s house. This snack, traditionally prepared in groundnut oil or ghee, would remain crispy even after the close of summer holidays. 

Kai Murukku has few major ingredients namely Rice. Urad dal, Butter, Asafoedita, and Jeera. Manapparai in Tamilnadu is famous for super crunchy Murukku made only with fewer ingredients. There are countless variations made in different regions . Preparation of dough is the only simple part of making this timeless treat. It takes a lot of patience to master this snack and a lot of it depends on Kai Pakkuvam (deftness of maker). 

Kai Murukku though its a favorite year around ,is also  part of every major festival like Janmashtami and Deepavali. Its also perfect to munch during tea time or Netflix binge watch. We at SweetKaramCoffee ensure that with the purest of ingredients and kai pakkuvam garnered by the experience of our house chefs, every bite of murukku will make you ask for more.

Order yours now and give your family the goodness of a traditional treat.

About our Kai Murukku:

  • At sweetkaramcoffee.in, we prepare Kai Murukku very carefully with utmost perfection and have delivered more than 2,600 packs of Kai Murukku across India in 2019 alone.
  • Kai Murukku price: 150 . Weight: 200g (Approx. 11 - 12 pieces)
  • There is no minimum order limit, and you can choose to order even a single product alone.
  • You can scroll down to read Trusted Reviews about our Kai Murukku before you place your order online.


Raw Rice Flour, Urad Dal, Jeera, Refined Groundnut Oil, Butter, Salt

How to Use:

Ready to eat

Shelf life:

30 days

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool and dry place in an air tight container

Shipping Delivery:

  • You can order Kai Murukku online from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or any part of India. We door deliver to more than 27,000+ pincodes across India.
  • We deliver within 24-48 hours in Chennai, and for non-Chennai, orders are dispatched in 24-48 hours via FedEx or other premium courier partners and reach you in 3-5 business days.
  • Cancellation Policy:

    You can cancel your by order by contacting our customer support. However, cancellations will not be accepted post dispatch. 

    Want to know more details / facing any issues about Kai Murukku or your order?

    Our specialists are available everyday between 10am to 6pm (IST) on Monday - Friday to answer questions regarding your purchase. You can Call us/Whatsapp us at the number: 7358072807. Alternatively, you can also contact us @ 7358068806.

    You can also write to us at care@sweetkaramcoffee.in (Expect a reply in 24-48 hours).

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 497 reviews
    Shyama Raghavan Iyer

    Kai murruku, lime pickle and Avakai without garlic was excellent

    Raja R
    Kai murukku

    Good taste. I always rate the Grand snacks murukku (original one which has limited branches) as the best. This comes second. The convenience of buying sitting at Bangalore makes it wonderful. But poor service by courier leaves a bad taste.

    Viswanathan G
    Kai murukku

    Taste is good. Little hard to munch.