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Vella Seedai (Sweet Seedai) 180g

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Vella Seedai, a cherished South Indian treat crafted from premium ingredients. Each bite offers a heavenly blend of Raw Rice Flour, rich Jaggery, and aromatic Cardamom, complemented by the goodness of Coconut and White Sesame. Expertly fried to perfection using Groundnut Oil, these crunchy delights deliver a delightful snacking experience that captures the essence of southern traditional flavors in every morsel.


Raw Rice Flour, Jaggery, Refined Groundnut Oil, Coconut, White Sesame, Cardamom.

How to Use:

Ready to eat

Shelf life:

21 days

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool and dry place in an air tight container


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Padma Ramani
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Vella Seedai (Sweet Seedai) 180g

Ganesh Ramachandran
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Likes: Quality
Improvements: Prompt service. After follow up shipment is taking place
Vella Seedai

Size should be bigger than uppu seedai

Bhanumathy Swaminathan
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Likes: Communication
Improvements: Prices are somewhat higher 2. Require response from your end to our msg if any ,during working hours delivery is convenient unlike late hrs delivery
Vella seedai and other items

Good and tasty