Avakkai or Avakkaya as it is called in its birthplace Andhra Pradesh is one of the most traditional & sought after pickle that you would find in your grandmother's kitchen especially when you belong to South India.

Summers are usually welcomed by Mangoes & the pre-ripened mangoes are handpicked for preparing Avakkai. These pre-ripened mangoes are cut into medium size pieces and pickled with mustard seeds, salt, gingelly oil & fenugreek and marinated for more than two weeks and usually stored in huge ceramic jars in traditional households.


The Avakkai goes awesomely well with curd rice and also with hot rice and ghee. We would all remember our childhood days when our grandmom used to make avakkai sadam (avakkai mixed with hot rice) with few spoons of ghee and gingelly oil. She used to make balls out of the avakkai rice & carefully place it in our hand that would disappear in a giffy.

While the whole society is moving rapidly towards westernization, its very important to preserve our traditional roots and Sweet Karam Coffee is striving hard to preserve and relive our tradition.

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