Athirasam- Indian doughnut is truly an irresistible classical delight. This disc shaped dessert is popular in Tamil culture and often made as prasadam in temples across South India.

'Atthirasam' roughly translated to excess/boundless of sweetness is true to its name. Origin of Athirasam is said to trace back to reign of Krishnadevaraya which mentions the sweet made of  rice flour, jaggery, butter and pepper.. Many states of India hold claim for this sweet patty. This sweet is famous  in Nepal and Sri Lanka too. A version of this sweet, Denderam is very popular in Malaysia too.

 In Andhra Pradesh, it is known as 'Ariselu' or in Orissa, it is called as 'Arisa' and in Karnataka state, the same sweet is called by the name 'Kajjaya’. At the annual festival at the Panchavarnesvar Temple in Thirunallur, an offering of 6000 Adhirasams along with 6000 vadas is made to the Gods; the entire lot is cooked in the temple madapalli starting at sunrise, for the prayers that take place at midnight .

Deeply embedded with part of tamil culture, Athirasam takes a front seat during  auspicious occasions like weddings and seemantham. It’s also made during festivals like Deepavali, Karthigai Deepam and Janmasthami. This iron rich sweet is usually made the previous night of Deepavali by some communities. There is a popular saying that a person can be claimed as half cook only when he/she knows to make Athirasam.

Though the original recipe calls for laborious process of five days, a simpler version is followed these days. Athirasam demands for few ingredients, bit laborious to prepare as each disc is fried individually. Entire process of making this fluffy, pillowy soft dish is delightful to watch. Prepping for the sweet dish few days before any festival added its own charm to the festival.

It takes some patience and experience to master this droolicious disc. They say secret of making Athirasam lies in preparation of paagu. This sweet can be made with sugar as well, which is less popular when compared with jaggery version.

Athirasam is a healthier option as it is based on rice flour, jaggery and hints of sukku. It has good shelf life and would make a perfect dessert for any occasion.

Taking a bite of Athirasam is like giving royal pampering to your taste buds. Order yours now and plunge into classical taste of sweetness.

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