Kadalai Urundai – Healthy High protein zero sugar, zero oil jaggery based sweet that one can eat without guilt.

From the roadside tea shop to luxurious sweet shop Kadalai Urundai has a prominent place as it is people’s favorite.

Kadalai Urundai, Peanut balls is a humble snack packed with protein and iron from the main ingredients Peanuts and Jaggery. It is also made in flatter version called Kadala Mittai or more famously Peanut Chikkis. With mild variation in ingredients this ball of deliciousness is made in different regions in India and also in many parts of South East Asia.

Kadalai Urundai inherits the taste from the quality of its raw ingredients. It was the after school snacks for the older generation. During the nostalgic talks, they lovingly recall the sale of Kadalai Urundai outside school premises and share fond memories eating these crunchy balls all the way home.

Kadalai Urundai is considered as one of the healthiest snacks for the kids as it does not contain any artificial flavors. It also aids in digestion and boosts immunity. With the schools restricting distribution of chocolates, biscuits and cakes for kid’s birthday celebration, Kadalai Urundai is regaining its glory as perfect school and after school snacks. It’s a Go-to snack for those sudden hunger pangs.

Though in the past our grandmother’s kitchen will be well stocked with these mouth watering sweet, it’s customary to make Kadalai Urundais during Janmashtami , Karthigai Deepam. Some communities have the practice of making it during weddings as well.

Stock up your kitchen with this traditional, healthy and nutritious snack. Made with purest of ingredients in the authentic way these balls of happiness will be loved by everyone in family. Order your Kadalai Urundai here.

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Bhooma Sampath

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