Who needs an alarm clock when the whole house goes singing “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” without fail every morning?

It has become a ritual to hear the screams every morning. It starts with “Maaa! Did you see my goggles?” “Maa, please pack my lunchbox” “Maaaaa! I couldn’t find my socks” “Maaaa! My school bus is about to arrive!”

Being a mother is never a cakewalk!

I remember being happy, overwhelmed, and sad all at once hearing the tiny voices throughout the day decades back. Being a mother is never a cakewalk.

Recently I came across a fact about working mothers and I wasn’t surprised. Because it stated that “41% of working mothers suffer from anxiety and stress”

Thriving amidst chaos, and dealing unpredictably was my second language as a working mother back then. And as mothers, most of our sacrifices, work, and struggles remain unknown to everyone in the family. With the constant demands and the never-ending whirlwind of tasks, we often change our definition of happiness and contentment. 

And you know what? We mothers often pretend to have it all together, acing our roles like seasoned pros. But deep down, especially for you working moms out there, the weight of balancing careers and motherhood can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

Efforts Vs Appreciation

Yet, amidst all the chaos, there are times when we yearn for a moment of appreciation, a gentle reminder that our efforts do not go unnoticed. For all the gifts, bouquets, and jewellery showered upon us, nothing quite compares to the simple act of acknowledgment from those we hold dearest.

Let me stop boring you further!

A giant shout-out!

Today, on this special day, I want to raise my voice and give a giant shout-out to all the amazing mothers out there, working or otherwise. 

You are real-life superheroes, capable of juggling a million tasks at once – cooking up delectable meals, helping with homework, keeping the house spick and span, and managing every conceivable responsibility with grace and determination.

And to you, to the unstoppable working mothers, You handle your jobs like total boss ladies, commanding respect and admiration in the professional world, only to return home and seamlessly slip into the role of the world's best moms. You are nothing short of awesome!

Janaki Paati's Gratitude 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Dear mothers, thanks for always being there for us, through the thick and thin. Thank you for the million hugs and kisses that shower us with love and comfort. Thank you for cheering us on louder than anyone, and believing in us even when we doubt ourselves.

We must admit, you make our lives sweeter than the most delicious treats from Sweet Karam Coffee, filling our hearts with warmth and joy that can only come from a mother's love.

So, on this Mother's Day, let us raise a toast to the real superstars in our lives – the mothers who make the world go round with their unwavering strength, boundless love, and unyielding dedication.

Happy Mother's Day 🌸🌸 to all the incredible moms out there! You are loved, appreciated, and cherished beyond measure.

P.S. It is okay if you have forgot that it is Mother’s day today. What is not okay is not appreciating and honoring her hard work. Treat her with the best Mother’s day gifts with Sweet Karam Coffee’s signature treats. 

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