In the fast moving world of Pizzas and burgers, the present generation certainly does not know about some of the most nostalgic age old traditional candies of the previous generation.

As my grandma says, "Thaen Mittai and Inji Mittai were the Dairy Milk and 5 Star for our generation" . One such famous delight of the previous generation was "Elantha Vadai". A very easy to prepare delight with just Elantha Pazham (jujube fruit) and Jaggery, this was certainly a top seller in every store especially when we had just 5 rupees and 10 rupees in our pockets. 


Elantha Pazham is known to treat nerves and as a cure for insomnia, asthma, respiratory problems, throat infections and much more

Irrespective of the medicinal value the fruit has, it is not much liked by all. But it will definitely bring in our School Day memories.

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