Ever since our childhood, we have experienced tastes and flavors of foods cooked by various people. And the taste is always reflective of their attitude towards the diners. When it is our parents’ cooking, we can taste the warmth and comfort of home, when it is our sibling’s cooking, there will surely be some kind of ploy to prank us. When it comes to our grandmother’s cooking the feeling experienced is pure, unadulterated love. 

Our grandmother’s food is the epitome of happiness. The moment a Laddu made by our grandmother enters our palate, a smile unknowingly creeps into our face. It feels as if a bright ray of sunshine is falling on our face, brightening the rest of our day. When a Maa Laddu made by our grandmother melts in our mouth, so does our heart along with it. Grandmother’s food can easily be called the best food we have enjoyed, and nothing can challenge that.


Their kai-pakkuvam or deftness of hand is unmatched. The ability to instill flavor was unparalleled. They made the crispiest Thenkuzhal and the crunchiest Kara Sev. The flakiest Badushas and the most luscious Wheat Halwa were from their kitchen. Even at the age of 70, they could make the most perfect roundels. 

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Grandmothers are always quality conscious. They used ghee from butter she churned herself and used produce she grew in her backyard. They made sure that the oil they used was of utmost purity and went to great lengths to avoid adulterated products.

With such a high repertoire to their name, it doesn’t come as a surprise that at SweetKaramCoffee the standard for taste and quality is always ‘Grandmother’s Cooking’. Our ultimate aim is to remind our customers of their grandmother’s food every time they bite into one of our creations.

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And who can forget the times when we returned back home from vacation? Our grandmothers would never fail to fill huge Jute Bags generously with our favorite treats and send it along. We would even volunteer to carry the bag home no matter how heavy it was because we didn’t want anyone to lay hands on our prize.

To bring back those old memories and help preserve the planet Sweet Karam Coffee has come up with a collection of jute bags ready to accompany you everywhere. We also have a selection of Combo Bags of our delicious creations which come with a free jute bag to stock up all those delicious goodies. Order Sweets online now at www.sweetkaramcoffee.in with Free Shipping and Travel back to your Childhood days.

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