How To Prepare Tapioca Chips; Ft: A Day With Janaki Paati

The scorching summer was invading our city at a giant speed and it didn’t leave our workspace as well. The heat waves were already hitting our brains. And despite having completed our work for the day, we couldn’t step out. Because we didn’t want ourselves to be air-fried in the sun.

Summer rains were the only thing our team as a whole was dreaming of! While we were busy discussing the weather and its cruelty, something captured all of our cabins within a matter of a few seconds. The scent of sizzling oil and the crisp aroma of freshly fried tapioca chips/ cassava chips filled the air. 

Oh! How did we forget that our OG tastemaker is in the house today!?

Janaki Paati, the north star and the cutest member of our Sweet Karam Coffee crew would come to the workspace and our warehouse for 2-3 times a week. (Yeah! Because she is the sassiest boss-lady)

And every time she’s here, she’d either freshly prepare us something, or she’d guide us in preparing the latest dish from her very own recipe book)

So, yes! We got lucky on a hot summer day.

As we couldn’t resist the amazing smell, we sneaked into the cooking area, to watch her do the magic. (Hmm, to also sneak and steal some hot, amazingly delicious chips)

She caught us in an instant and smiled ear to ear with innocence pouring out “Come Kannas, I’ve made some fresh and hot Kerala special kappa chips for you”

Did we instantly melt for her innocence, a 100% yes!

We surrounded her with utmost curiosity while she was busy preparing. Janaki Paati and chirpiness can never be separated. So, she started teaching us the recipe for the chips. (She never misses a chance to teach us her authentic recipes, and we would never miss a chance to share them with you)

Tapioca Chips Recipe

Ingredients: Tapioca, oil, red chili powder, salt


  • 1. Take the tapioca, and slit the skin by running a knife lengthwise. Cut it into two halves. Using a flat spatula, peel off the skin.
  • 2. Wash the tapioca well and let it soak in water for 15 minutes.
  • 3. Pat the tapioca dry with a clean kitchen towel.
  • 4. Heat oil in a kadai. Using a sharp mandoline slicer, slice the tapioca directly over the hot oil.
  • 5. Once the sound and bubbles subside, stir the chips and cook on medium heat.
  • 6. When the edges turn golden, the chips are ready. Drain the chips from the oil and repeat the process until all the tapioca is used.
  • 7. Once all the chips are fried, sprinkle salt and red chili powder to taste. Toss well to coat.

    Paati's hands moved with a practiced grace as she expertly peeled and sliced the fresh tapioca. "You see, the key is to choose the tender part of the tapioca," she explained, her eyes twinkling with a lifetime of culinary wisdom. "If it has that middle strand, you can simply divide it in half and remove it before slicing, also strictly no palm oil for deep frying

    She also assigned us to work in between. Following her instructions, we carefully washed and dried the tapioca for the next batch, ensuring it was ready for the hot oil. Paati then guided us through the steps, teaching us the art of slicing the tapioca just right to achieve the perfect crispness.

    As the tapioca chips sizzled and crackled in the oil, Paati would gently stir them, her eyes fixed on the task at hand. "You see, you have to be patient and let the sound and bubbles reduce completely," she advised. "That's when you know the chips are light and crispy."

    We watched in awe as Paati's skilled hands transformed the humble tapioca into a delightful snack. The rhythmic sound of the slicing and the sizzling of the oil created a symphony that filled the kitchen, evoking a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

    When the final batch was ready, we all gathered around the table, eagerly sharing the warm, fragrant tapioca chips. Our patience has already disappeared out the window. 

    Forget the hot summer, heat waves, and a boring work day. With Janaki paati around it would always be a great day for us!

    And yes! That was a day in the life of Janaki paati and team Sweet Karam Coffee.

    Also don’t forget to check out the tapioca chips that were freshly made by Janaki Paati. Order our authentic Kerala-style tapioca chips online, and let’s catch up over tea to talk about her amazing chips.

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