Introducing our exclusive range of FARM TO HOME Organic Native Snacks, fresh from the farms of South India, right from the grain to snack. These native snacks are made from organic Millets and organic rare Indigenous rice varieties of India and cooked using cold pressed groundnut oil, that makes them good for health and good for the planet too.


Farmers are the backbone of this nation and we always wanted to work together with the farming community to celebrate them and co-create something that brings out our culture, our tradition and our pride. In this era dominated by the westernised snacking and packed food segment loaded with palm oil and preservatives, we wanted to revive our rich Indian Organic Native Snacks that is healthy, tasty and that empowers our entire ecosystem.

These organic farm fresh snacks are made at the farms of Pudukkottai organic farmers who are involved right from the best in class cultivation methods without using any pesticides or chemicals, carefully harvesting these grains, grind them to perfection and then cooking them in cold pressed groundnut oil under wood fire, which makes them really special.

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India being the largest producer of Millets is leading the world on celebrating the International year of Millets this year to promote the goodness of our millets and their rich nutritional content.

As a responsible homegrown Indian brand, we would like to gift the goodness of health to every Indian through our organic Millet snacks and Millet laddus direct from our own farmers, along with the snacks made from the rarest indigenous rice varieties of India.


And we are extremely privileged to take this opportunity to empower the entire group of farmers and women force who brings these wholesome native snacks to our plate straight from the farms and launch this special segment during the auspicious Pongal festival as a thanks giving to our farmers.


Let's together revive and support our traditional Indian snacking.

The good food revolution is ON !

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