As an enthusiastic foodie and as my parents' work involved working in different places and shifting places within South India from time to time, I've been blessed to have many close friends from across South India. 

I’m glad that I had abundant access to explore different cuisines, and the stories behind each dish, and most importantly had hands-on experience with learning and trying the famous dishes of the southern states.

And what’s love for food if it doesn’t involve sharing?

This time I’ve come up with authentic Karnataka snacks straight out of my traditional decade-old recipe book. (but with a healthy twist!)

Thanks to my friends who have generously shared the vibrant cuisine of their homeland with me over the years. The stories, traditions, and unforgettable flavors they've introduced me to hold an extraordinary place in my heart and my tastebuds.

One particularly memorable experience was the first time my dear friend Lakshmi brought me homemade rice kodubale from her home. I eagerly took a bite of the crispy, palm-sized snack and was instantly transported - the soft, mild rice interior perfectly balanced by the spice that tingled on my tongue. 

As Lakshmi told me how kodubale is cleverly crafted from rice, maida, and local spices, I deeply appreciated the ingenuity behind this iconic Karnataka food.

Over the years, my travels across Karnataka with Lakshmi and other friends have allowed me to savor this humble yet glorious snack all over its home state. Even after decades, I enjoy it as a quick bite on a train ride to Mangalore, an instant snack after visiting the stunning temples across the state, and as the perfect pairing with filter coffee at different cafes in Mysore. 

Each bite has told a delicious story of culture and tradition. And you can imagine my joy when I was preparing the rice kodubale at Sweet Karam Coffee here. 

Time for the twist!

Sweet Karam Coffee is all about making snacks that are good for you, and your entire family. 

And thus I have curated this recipe with my unique twist. These rice kodubale are without any maida, palm oil, or preservatives because I want them to be healthy for everyone to enjoy.

With Sweet Karam Coffee’s trademark aromatic spices and our perfectly textured rice stating that we have truly mastered the art of kodubale would be an understatement. 

Stop by Sweet Karam Coffee to taste this iconic Karnataka snack yourself. Treat your tastebuds and soak up the rich food heritage of my second home state. 

Taste the flavors of Karnataka with Sweet Karam Coffee's kodubale. And we are sure it will be a guaranteed delight on your tongue and in your soul.

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