Summer is around the corner, and so are the summer vacations! 

The thought immediately reminds me of carefree childhood days spent at my grandparents' home.

As a chirpy, extrovert kid back then, it would hardly take a couple of days for me to roam around the village and make a bunch of friends.

Since the temperature outside would be unbearable and too hard to play outside, I remember clearly how we would all gather around my paati’s kitchen.

The whirring of the fan was like a soft melody in the buzzing heat to us, and the aroma of her freshly prepared snacks was all that we needed to beat the heat! 

One snack that felt divine, delicious, was her congress kadlekai. Who said only juices, and smoothies are for summer? Her signature congress kadlekai was a trendsetter back then! 

The Congress Kadlekai was a perfect companion during our summer holidays while we were busy reading comics and swapping stories.

I'd rush over to watch my paati dry roast the peanuts and catch the amazing aroma that escaped when she’d dry roast. I was always amazed at how she aced in preparing the snack to perfection every time! 

I heard from her one summer that it was passed down to her from multiple generations ahead and learned later that the key was using the freshest ingredients -  Fresh peanuts, pepper, curry leaves, and spices. 

 When I first tried recreating Congress Kadlekai in my kitchen, I knew I had to honor those traditional methods. It took a few attempts, but finally, my children gave their seal of approval! 

Cooking this aromatic snack from scratch is now one of my favorite summer traditions.

Sharing food is one of the biggest forms of love! Hence I wanted to share this snack with you all through Sweet Karam Coffee.

Our homemade Congress Kadlekai is made from spices that are carefully selected in the proper proportions and with each step religiously following the ancestral cooking process.

With Sweet Karam Coffee, enjoy authentic Congress Kadlekai. And I bet every spoonful will take you back to those carefree summer vacation memories. 

This year, don’t forget to treat yourself and your family to this authentic taste of Karnataka.

Beat the heat and order Sweet Karam Coffee's Congress Kadlekai for delivery across India today! 

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