It called for a good rewind and reflection this morning on International Women’s Day. I couldn’t help but beam with pride seeing the successful women at Sweet Karam Coffee who make it extra sweet, extra successful, and wholesome. 

Despite being the best at their jobs, women here are also an amalgamation of grace, strength, and resilience. They together are a celebration of female empowerment and the sum of stereotypes shattered. 

Let me take you behind the scenes, amidst the busy workspace, the bustling manufacturing floors, and the divine aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee, you’ll also see an astonishing 75% of our manufacturing force being women, talented and fiery - blending every beverage and snack to perfection.

Well! That’s not it. When you look around Sweet Karam Coffee HQ you'll see women leading the charge at every level. 

50% of our incredible team right from the top executives to the managers who handle different aspects like communication, quality control, branding, and customer service, are great, powerful, and inspiring women.

Their unique skills, perspectives, and unwavering dedication are woven into the very fabric of who we are now. 

Our customers, 60% of whom are amazing women themselves, are the real inspirations behind our offerings. These nurturing women seek only the finest, most authentic experiences to share with their loved ones. Their desire for wholesomeness and goodness for their families is what drives us to create delightful yet nourishing products.

So, on this Women's Day, let us raise a steaming cup of Filter Coffee (or perhaps a delightful Ragi Hot Chocolate!) and toast to the incredible women who make Sweet Karam Coffee what it is today. 

Order now at to experience the labor of love that goes into each of our creations. Indulge in the rich flavors, the comforting aromas, and the centuries of tradition infused into every sip and bite.

"For every package you purchase is a toast to the amazing women shattering barriers."

With love,
Janaki Paati


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