To Cherish Our Tradition: A resolution for the new year.

in Happiness is Homemade

In this fast paced, modern life technological advancements have made living hassle-free. We no longer need to step outside to get what we need. A simple swipe is all it takes to bring everything to our doorstep. Smart networking has given a mobile phone control over everything, even the refrigerator.

But in the name of advancement we have all lost an important part of our lives. Tradition. When was the last time we choose to dry out wet hair with the smoke from sambrani? Did we give our children Diwali legiyam the day after Diwali? Or did we choose to give in to their tantrums and eat it ourselves?

With the arrival of the new year comes a big question. Will we let go of our roots and get engulfed into the modern civilization? Or will we continue to uphold the spirit of our culture and tradition. Life is all about balance. Learning to incorporate tradition with modernity will go a long way in shaping our lives and the lives of generations after us to the better.

The next time the snack cupboard has to be filled, don’t go for processed junk. Fill it with treats like ellu urundai, kadalai urundai, kai murukku and oma podi. They taste amazing and don’t harm your gut with preservatives. The next time you feel bored, ditch the mobile game. Gather your friends and family and play a round of anthakshari or a board game like dhaayam.

Here at we have strived to give the best of both worlds to our esteemed clientele. We have adhered to our motto "Happiness Is Homemade" by using authentic, traditional recipes of homemade food that has been handed down from generation to generation. We have also taken advantage of the Internet to give our customers an online shopping and home delivery experience like no other.

The core objective of our online store is to bring back the age old traditional homemade Indian delights that were always a part of our grandmother's kitchen.

The best resolution we can make for this new year is to simply cherish our tradition. Big or small, simple or elaborate, we can choose to preserve our vast heritage and culture one tradition at a time.

We at wish you a very happy and glorious new year.

Let's carry the baton our Indian tradition together ! Jai Hind!


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